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weevil control

weevil control

Why do we say about some people, describing them as like weevils eating away at the body of society?!

Answer: The weevil insect necroses the plant, i.e. puncturing, meaning that it punctures or punctures the leaves of the plant and sucks its juice, which harms the whole plant. not only this ; Rather, it is like a sucking insect or a sucker that sucks the liquids and juices of the plant from the stems as well as from the fruits, and here we ask: What is left of the plant for people to eat or eat?!

This happens in farms and fields, and here some may imagine that the grains that were stored in the granaries or in the homes have become in peace and escaped the destruction of them by weevils, and the shocking surprise is that that heavy guest, i.e. weevils, visits us in our homes and homes, assaulting flour, rice, wheat, peas, cowpeas and beans and others and perforate it absorbing its nutrients, leaving it light in weight and useless; It is harmful and causes disease to those who eat it.

_ For all that and others, we took upon ourselves the task of combating weevils in our company specialized in pest control in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain); As the fight against weevils requires from us awareness, knowledge and knowledge of everything related to weevils and weevils control as an insect that enters homes in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) and other cities

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