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Termite control in Al Ain | Anti termite treatment

Termite control in Al Ain

Termite control services in Al Ain, Depending on your location, the season, numbers of termites can invade your home or facility, At MAZAYA PEST CONTROL company, we have the professional grade termite control products you need to tackle termites year-round

We provide anti termite treatment services throughout Al Ain such as Al Maqam, Al Tarwiyah, Al Bateen, Al Muwaiji, Al Markhaniya, Salamat, Al Yahar, Al Sad, Abu Samra, Ashraj, Zakher, Al Dhahir, Neama, Reef Al Ashkhar, Al Manizalah, Al Mutarad, Al Jahili, Al Sarooj, Mazyad, Al Zahra, Al Hili, Al Sinaiyah, Khalifa Street , Oud Al-Tawbah, Al-Jimi, Al-Qattara, Al-Mutawa, Falaj Hazzaa, Al-Khabaisi, Al-Foah Al Ajban, Sweihan, Al Gharbia, Al Ain City and others.

Termite control in Al Ain | MAZAYA PEST CONTROL | Anti termite treatment in Al Ain

MAZAYA pest control Al Ain, is your best choice for termite control treatment in Al Ain. Pest control services and termite control activity is our only activity, we specialize in the field of extermination and control termites.
Do not make price and cost your only goal when choosing an termite control service company in
Al Ain, but always pay attention to the reliability of the termite pest control services company and health and safety standards.

Termites have a thick waist ,Termites have straight antennae, Termites have shorter legs, When wings are present, both pairs of wings will be the same length on a termite

There is 2 types of termites subterranean termites and drywood termites

Subterranean termites:

Subterranean termites have the main portion of their nest underground, Subterranean termites make mud tubes to access structures, Subterranean termites usually have large colonies, Subterranean termites do not kick out feces and debris, Subterranean termites typically eat along the grain of the wood, Subterranean termites are known to make "carton" nests in wall voids and in trees. A carton is a nest made from the termite fecal matter to maintain the correct moisture level when the termites are unable to return to the actual subterranean nest.

Drywood Termites:

Drywood Termites do not require soil contact, Drywood Termites nest inside of the wood they are infesting, Drywood Termites do not make mud tubes, Drywood Termites fly into infest wood, Drywood Termites make small "kick out" holes in wood to push feces and debris out of the nest, Drywood Termites leave small piles of debris outside of the infested wood, Drywood Termites usually eat across and along the grain of the wood, Drywood Termites are usually found in coastal regions but they can be transported in infested wood

Termite control in Al Ain | MAZAYA PEST CONTROL | Anti termite treatment in Al Ain

if you find this signs in your home: Mud tubes, Damaged wood, Piles of wings and Buckling or bubbling paint or brittle drywall, these signs indicate the presence of termites,

where you can find termites signs ?
Wooden elements of construction in basements and crawl spaces, Window sills and frames (particularly in the basement), support posts, sub floors, supporting piers, joists, and wooden decks or porches, areas where concrete elements meet wood, such as in steps, slabs, or porches, cracks in brick construction, expansion joints, or cement where termites might have gained entry, wood piles and debris near the foundation including tree stumps, exterior basement window and door frames, and fence posts

Termite treatment by treating the termite nest directly, drilling and injection and apply termiticide into voids or wood, termite trenching and chemical barriers on the soil pre construction

if you want to protect your structure from termites. You can choose the trenching method or you can choose the termite bait station method, or if you want a professional termite control supplier cal us

Termite control in Al Ain | Anti termite treatment

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