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Best pest control Abu Dhabi

The best company in Abu Dhabi for pest control:


* The most dangerous insects to humans


* The danger of insects to humans is minimal

in disturbing him

Through her voices that cause him

distress like the buzzing of flies, or their disgusting shape like cockroaches, or

Through its presence in Alqnamah, and the damage in its moderate limits is represented in the occurrence of symptoms that do not constitute a disease,

or disease already occurring,

Its harm is also in its maximum limits, in the spread of deadly epidemics and deadly plagues. .

* The damage caused by insects to humans does not only stop in his body;

Rather, it also extends to his needs and possessions represented in his agricultural crops, such as grains, vegetables, fruits and grains.

stocked and others,

and its industrial products, textiles, wood, etc., in addition to its places of residence and work.

And his animal pens, farms, gardens, and others.

* According to researcher Lawrence Reeves, research assistant at the Florida Laboratory

For medical entomology, he believes that mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect for all humans, due to the serious diseases they cause.

* According to "Fox News"

The American, who referred to an incident that took place in “Villesto” in northwestern Spain, in which a 54-year-old man was killed by a giant Asian hornet stinging him in the face, specifically in his eyebrow, when he was standing near a “hornet’s nest” in a beehive owned by this person.

-- The matter caused great panic in the United States of America, especially after the publication of the size newspaper

The New York Times, “Warnings of Attacks by: (Giant Asian Hornets,” in which it warned citizens against exposure to these hornets or attacking people with them, or hornets attacking people in reference to what can be considered the greatest danger of insects to humans at the present time in solidarity with what It was published by Fox News, and it is worth noting that these hornets began to spread in a mild but clear degree more than a year ago, which led some circles to consider Corona and the giant Asian hornets as the two great dangers to the peaceful citizen.

* Other scientific circles put together lists of the most dangerous insects to humans: including: the “black widow” spider, yet the same scientific circles refer to some reassurances to remove the fear of this insect, including: that it is not aggressive; Rather, it moves when it senses danger and attempts to attack it. Also, among the reassurances is that the death rate is from

The black widow bite worldwide does not exceed 1 percent of those bitten annually.

* It does not leave the human collective memory, and it should not leave it the incident of what happened to Napoleon and his soldiers in terms of the fall of thousands of victims of the plague disease, which was transmitted to the soldiers of the French campaign on Egypt in 1799 AD through rats, which in turn were transmitted to it by the “flea” insect, when he was trying to conquer Acre in the Levant Before secretly escaping to France based on a summons from the Venezuelan government to his person.

* There are insects that seem dangerous in their toxicity; that is, the poison she carries with her envy; In addition to the degree of toxicity with which it excels over others, as well as the speed of impact on its attackers, prey, or whomever they fall under, and among these insects: the Borinian bee.

And the wasp

yellow and others

* Locust attacks - may - not

It remains and does not leave in many cases, including what happened in India in the year 2020 AD, specifically in the month of May, when swarms of locusts attacked in numbers of billions and perhaps trillions in western India, causing the destruction of 50 thousand hectares of agricultural crops that were exterminated in one wave of attack.

* In the eighties of the last century, in Egypt, Egyptians still remember the news of the termite waves attacking the wooden telephone poles extending on the Cairo-Suez road, and the telephone communications were cut off for several days during which the news of the great losses continued all the time and around the clock.

* What we have mentioned in the article are just limited examples.

For specific facts, similar ones and more occur around the clock in large parts of the world, and in the example of western India, the Indian government was forced to send planes without drones to confront locust swarms, and huge agricultural tractors to work on the ground

* All of this and others pay to work on pest control by individuals and institutions to preserve lives, money and all property at all times, which is what our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain strives to perform according to what the service seekers from the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain want from our company that operates on the principles of speed, accuracy, quality, follow-up and comprehensiveness

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