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Mites control in Abu Dhabi | how to get rid of mites

mites control in Abu Dhabi | MAZAYA PEST CONTROL


One of the external parasites that parasitize on birds, and is considered a pest that affects chickens in the first place, yet it infects at least 30 types of birds, such as pigeons, sparrows and others. Breeders, birds, and homes alike, and since it infects pigeons and their nests, Mites is found in some homes in Abu Dhabi.

Feed the Mites

It feeds on sucking the blood of the host through its sucking vampire mouth parts, feeding usually takes place at night, and rarely during the day.

The life cycle of Mites and its stages

The whole phase is very small in size, its size does not exceed the size of the head of a pin, its length does not exceed 1 mm, it has an oval shape, the body parts are indistinguishable, as the parts of the body are merged with each other, the animal is gray or dark red, it has four pairs of legs The mouth parts are of the absorbent piercing type, they are used to puncture the skin and absorb the host's blood

The fertilized female hides in the cracks in the walls. To begin laying eggs, the fertilized female lays about 30 eggs

The eggs hatch and produce small, slow-moving larvae. The larvae have six legs

After one day, the larva turns into a nymph stage, and the nymphs are active and feed on the blood of their families, and the nymph remains attached to the host's body, feeding on its blood during the night and day

The female feeds for 24 hours before leaving the host's body to search for its hiding places, in preparation for the egg-laying process. The life cycle of the mite or outbreak is short, as the life cycle takes from 8 to 11 days.

Injury to young birds in a dream of chickens may lead to their death

Mites damages

Mites parasites extensively in the tail and subarine regions, and sometimes the neck, making the feathers look dirty

Avian skin infection due to Mites leads to feather shedding and skin flaking

Mites transmits to infected birds the parasite that causes syphilis

It has been scientifically proven that this type of Mites transmits the cause of cerebral fever in horses and humans

Mites tinging in barn workers causes pain, swelling and sensitivity to the skin

Mites control

Seal the cracks and openings in the walls, in which the animal spends part of its life

Removing bird nests and cleaning them

Examine barn waste periodically to ensure that it is free from chicken mites

Remove bedding and bird droppings from pens and burn them

Spray barns with disinfectants or effective health insecticides, using spray pumps

Mazaya provides Mites control services in Abu Dhabi

mites control in Abu Dhabi | MAZAYA PEST CONTROL
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