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Pest Control Yas  Island

If you are a resident of Yas  Island, if you live in a room, studio, apartment, villa, or own a store or shop in Yas  Island.

And you suffer from insects or need pest control services, you do not need to worry, Mazaya Pest Control near you in Yas  Island, we have a pest control team in Yas  Island, ready at any time to meet your request for pest control, you only need to contact Mazaya Pest Control and you will get the best pest control service in Yas  Island

Pest co Ant Control service in Yas  Island .

The relationship between humans and pests, including insects, has two sides, one of which is dark because of the damage and inconvenience it causes to man and his property, and the other side is bright because of the benefit it causes to man. And the damage caused by health pests to humans makes him unable to perform his work to the fullest, as the sick person is unable to give compared to the healthy human being, and then this is reflected in the national economy. The same thing happens with livestock and poultry, whose growth, reproduction and production rates are linked to a degree directly in terms of her health. The role that insects play in transmitting the causes of many serious diseases such as malaria, rift valley fever, yellow fever, typhoid, eye diseases, skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and malignant diseases should not be forgotten. The insect may transmit the pathogen mechanically, such as flies, or by feeding on blood, such as female mosquitoes. Among the pathogens transmitted by insects are bacteria, viruses and protozoa. In order to determine the method and method of successful control of health pests, including insect control, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the insect and the organism and the cause of the disease on the one hand, and the relationship between it and the human being on the other. In order to accurately determine the method of successful control of insects, it is necessary to know their life, feeding, environment, behavior, method of transmission of disease, insect life cycle, number of insect generations and other basic information that greatly contribute to determining effective insect prevention and control methods. Pest control, including insect control, means working to reduce the damage caused by the insect or pest by removing it or preventing its access to the host or by creating conditions unsuitable for its reproduction or execution. Their reproduction in order to work as much as possible on the absence of these conditions in the surrounding environment so that the extermination of the insect can be carried out while it is in its weakest phase, so that pest control is practical and adequate for the purpose. In addition, accurate knowledge of the conditions suitable for the life of the insect paves the way for the possibility of predicting the extent of the infection in the future, and then we can take the necessary measures and preparations to combat insects at the appropriate time. If you are looking for a reliable, certified and licensed pest control company in Yas Island and Al Ain, contact Mazaya Pest Control.

Pest control services in Yas Island, Depending on your location, the season, and the climate, any number of pests can invade your home or yard. At Mazaya pest control company, we have the professional grade pest control products you need to tackle pests year-round

Pest Control Yas Island

If you are a resident of Yas Island, if you live in a room, studio, apartment, villa, or own a store or shop in Yas Island.

And you suffer from insects or need pest control services, you do not need to worry, Mazaya Pest Control near you in Yas Island, we have a pest control team in Yas Island, ready at any time to meet your request for pest control, you only need to contact Mazaya Pest Control and you will get the best pest control service in Yas Island

Ant Control service in Yas Island

Cockroach Control service in Yas Island

Bed Bug Control service in Yas Island

Fleas Control service in Yas Island

Rodent Control service in Yas Island

Spider Control service in Yas Island

Ticks Control service in Yas Island

Fly Control service in Yas Island

Cockroach Control service in Yas Island

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Mite Control service in Yas Island

Termite Control service in Yas Island

Mosquito Control service in Yas Island

Best pest control Yas Island

MAZAYA pest control Yas Island, is your best choice for pest control in Yas Island. Pest control services activity is our only activity, we specialize in the field of extermination and control of all insects, rodents and harmful pests.
Do not make price and cost your only goal when choosing an pest control service company in Yas Island, but always pay attention to the reliability of the pest control services company and health and safety standards.

We provide pest control services throughout Yas Island such as Khalifa City, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Shakhbout City, Al Falah City, Al Shamkha, Al Shawamekh, Al Reef, Shahama, Al Samha, Al Bahia, Al Rahba, Al Taweelah, Al Shalila, Al Raha, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island. Al Reem, Al Maqtaa, Yas Island Gate, Yas Island Industrial Area, Shabiya, Baniyas, Mafraq, Al Wathba, Riyadh City, Masdar City, Sas Al Nakhl, Al Ajban, Sweihan, Al Gharbia, Al Ain City and others

Pest control

Ants, cockroaches, rodents, stinging pests, and more so we always need to search for the best pest control.
Although the pests are usually out of sight but aren’t always out of mind. Domestic pests can be much more than a nuisance-they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health such as ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Pest control service provides peace of mind in helping protect your home now and in the future.
All year long it is important to keep pests out of your home no matter the season. And keeping them out isn’t a one-time event. For this reason, pest control service specialists deliver customized protection backed by science to rid your home of pests year-round

How do insects infest the house?

Reasons for the spread of insects in homes

⦁ There are some plants that are found indoors that help attract some types of insects such as ants.

⦁ Do not get rid of the trash first.

⦁ Not paying attention to the cleanliness of the house.

⦁ When we leave food residues in eating places, one of the factors that attract insects.

⦁ Not sealing cracks in the corners of the house.

⦁ The presence of damp places in the floors, on the walls, or places of water leaks.

⦁ When we leave the windows of the rooms and the windows of the house in general open, this leads to attracting and entering insects, and this can be avoided by installing a wire with precise holes that prevent the entry of insects.

⦁ Neglecting to clean the kitchen cupboard periodically.

⦁ Leave kitchen and bathroom sinks open.

Pests can be controlled by keeping the house clean, through:

We get rid of food leftovers first and wash dishes, utensils, cups and cutlery periodically after use and before we put food leftovers in the trash, we must make sure that the food remains are tightly closed.

We must make sure that all the seats, cupboards and floors are clean and that they are always clean and free of food waste.

Clean the back areas of electrical appliances in the house, such as the areas behind the refrigerator, oven, and others.

Eliminate traces of urine and feces in the toilets and make sure the toilet is clean properly. And that we close all septic tanks and other drains.

Household pest control in Yas Island

The houses, whether they are an apartment, a villa or a building, are susceptible to insects, and there are many factors that help in infecting the house with insects, including, for example, poor ventilation, not exposing the house and furniture to sunlight, not cleaning and the accumulation of dirt and waste, and one of the very important factors in infection Domestic insects, especially flying insects, whether they are mosquitoes or flies, is water leakage, lack of maintenance of water pipes and air conditioners, and the appearance of any leakage in them.

Any furniture or any items must be monitored and reviewed before entering the house, as they are often infested with insects and lead to transmission of the infection to the house, especially bed insects, including bed bugs, fleas, lice, mites and others.

The appearance of moisture on the walls is an important factor for the appearance of insects. If you notice any moisture on the walls, it must be cleaned and treated directly, and this is an important factor that should not be overlooked due to the weather conditions in Yas Island.

Successful plan of pest control in Yas Island

Develop a successful plan for public health pest control work in Yas Island and Al Ain.

The following actions must be taken

First :  Analysis of the current situation

It is considered the first stage of pest control work in Yas Island and is intended to develop a complete vision

On the public health pests present in the region and the surrounding factors by looking at the following :

1 : Basic information about the area .

2 : Climatic information for the area, including (temperature, humidity, speed

Wind, rainfall (all seasons of the year), summer, autumn,

Spring, winter (because the breeding seasons of some pests are linked to these seasons.

3 : Information about the public health pests in the area (types of heartbreaks and public health pests including mosquitoes insects , flies insects, rodents and stray animals present in the area and their breeding spots,

The most intense and widespread of these pests to focus on is their relationship to diseases

In the area, the breeding season for each insect and pest of these pests (.

4 : Information related to sanitation, and if there are any problems related to it, such as the presence of leaks that may cause a suitable environment for the breeding of mosquito larvae, and the presence of animal breeding pens.

5 : Information about pest control work, including knowledge of available equipment, tools and devices

For works (exploration and spraying, monitoring, sensitivity tests, spraying devices

Pesticides of various types: micro-spray, ordinary mist, and mist

temperature), as well as knowledge of available chemicals, including (public health insecticides).

6 : Information to reduce costs

7 : Information about the nature of the breeding sites for pests and insects in the area (whether fixed or not).

Variable, their number, and what are the best methods of treatment and extermination.

Where this perception is the starting point for developing a successful plan to control insects and pests Public health and its application in a manner commensurate with the conditions of each region in Yas Island and Al Ain .

How to use insecticides

When the infestation of insects appears in the home or in the facilities, and after using the natural methods for controlling insects, which we call non-chemical methods, then the role of chemical methods in treating insects comes.

Chemical treatment is insecticides. Insecticides in Yas Island come in many forms. Some of them are liquid pesticides, including solid baits, including powders, including capsules, including compressed gases.

Each insecticide contains an effective chemical and some other additives. Each active ingredient follows a specific chemical group. These chemical groups are classified in clear classifications. Insecticides are also classified in terms of use. There are agricultural pesticides and there are public health pesticides.

Each insecticide must have a registration and licensing certificate from the Environment Agency in Yas Island, and the license number must be clear and recorded on the outer label of the pesticide, and each insecticide has a health and safety data certificate.

Before using any pesticide, you must read the label and the health and safety data certificate carefully, and all health and safety equipment and tools must be used, and there are some restricted insecticides that should only be used by pest control technicians in Yas Island, so ban them and do not use them .

How to choose the best pest control company in Yas Island

If your home or facility has been infested with insects, you need a pest control company specialized in this field in Yas Island, so how do you choose the best pest control company.

First, you must look at the company’s documents, such as the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development in Yas Island, the permit to practice the profession issued by the Yas Island Center for Waste Management (TADWEER), and make sure that these documents are valid, second, you must make sure that the technicians and specialists in the pest control process They have the appropriate training and they have the appropriate permits.

Third, you must choose a company that has a long history and has sufficient experience in the field of pest control and rodent control. Fourth, it is better to read the company file. Fifthly, you should ask about the company’s headquarters in Yas Island and make sure that they have a fixed and known headquarters. Sixth, you must check the validity of the insecticides used. Seventh, make sure that you get the necessary recommendations and procedures for health and safety in Yas Island.

Chemical control for insects

Chemical control is the method in which chemicals containing varying proportions of toxins are used called insecticides, and people resort to it when natural means do not succeed in combating insects or reducing their impact.

Insecticide is a substance or compound that is used to repel, exterminate or reduce the harm of insects, and pest control with pesticides is an effective method in the situation of excessive reproduction of the insect, and many expect the effectiveness of this method because its impact is greater and its effectiveness is direct and rapid on insects, and it is correct that insecticides must be used In the fight against insects, except when urgently necessary, because of the effect of these pesticides on the natural imbalance between the insect and its competitors, and also because of the complex effects of pesticides, including the toxicity of pesticides to plants, animals and humans, not to mention the high cost of using pesticides and the possibilities of resistance of some insects to the pesticide.

Advantages of using insecticides in pest control:

  1. Effective effect on insects.

  2. Fast and noticeable results.

  3. The pesticide leads to a significant reduction in the number of insects in a short time.

  4. Multiple methods of preparation and use of pesticides.

  5. Cost savings compared to results.

Disadvantages of using insecticides in pest control.

  1. The possibility of the emergence of resistance from the insect to the pesticide.

  2. upsetting the ecological balance.

  3. Health damages that may be caused to people who handle or use pesticides.

  4. Pollution of soil, water and air.

Integrated pest management:

Due to the increase in the use of insecticides in pest control, major problems have emerged that led to the development of programs that combine two or more non-chemical control methods with the use of insecticides, which is what is called integrated pest management.

Criteria for the success of the integrated pest control program:

  1. A comprehensive study of the target insect.

  2. Knowing the critical level of insect infestation at which pesticides should be used.

  3. It is preferable to use specialized insecticides in the lowest possible dose and to choose the best time to implement chemical control.

  4. Reduce the use of pesticides as much as possible.

  5. Expand the use of baits, traps and traps in pest control.

  6. Diversification between natural methods, non-chemical methods and chemical methods.

Pest control service by Abu Dhabi Municipality in Yas Island

In Yas Island city in the United Arab Emirates, the Yas Island Municipality gives great priority to the pest control and extermination of insects, pests, harmful animals and rodents, to preserve the environment, health and safety. Therefore, the state enacted laws to organize and maintain this process. The competent bodies control insects in the streets, squares, picnic spots, beaches and Waste collection places , and the pest control process is based on specific criteria and standards based on the breeding and mating seasons of insects, the insect life cycle, insect nesting places, insect behavior, insect feeding means, and other insect related factors.

Yas Island Municipality provides insects extermination and pest control service to citizens through some pest control companies that contracted with them for this.

Yas Island Municipality monitors the licensed pest control companies operating in the Emirate of Yas Island, where it monitors the materials, equipment and insecticides, and whether this pesticide used is licensed and approved by the Environment Agency, and whether it is harmful or has any negative effects on public health, and the review of all technicians and workers in the field of pest control and insects extermination, It ensures that they receive the appropriate training and the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities.

Pest control Yas Island | best pest control service in Yas island | pest control in Yas island | Pest control Yas Island Abu Dhabi

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