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Why does man work to annihilate?

Insects are beneficial to him and the environment?

A strange question some people ask

Ignoring that insects are some of them

It has benefit, while others are harmful to humans, animals and the environment, and according to scientific facts; the

The number of harmful species is greater than the number of beneficial species; Likewise, those who demand animal welfare and animals ignore insects, ignoring that if left, the damage will increase, and its danger will increase to an extent that will be difficult to control later.

* Insects in their lives, whether they are beneficial or harmful, have machines that determine their movement and control all their vital processes such as: feeding

respiration, reproduction, and more.

This is why some people ask: What is a machine?

that controls the insect's body

And make the members of her body able to perform their roles? And the most obvious in asking the question is that they perform it directly. In short, it is useful: Do insects have brains?

* There is a theory in biological sciences, i.e. the sciences of life and living organisms, that considers that every living organism has a nervous system that is capable of making the organism think, change and transform, and what it changes and transforms in various environments and circumstances; Except because of the ability of the nervous system and the brain to bring about change and transformation to adapt

And push the dangers away.

While there are other scientific opinions that believe that the matter is far from the existence of a nervous system that performs the roles of thinking, change and transformation, and with the passage of thousands and millions of years

The new behaviors acquired over these long years become traits that have been inherited to new generations, which have become natural behaviors that make some of us think that these

Insects think, and that they have brains.

* Of the spiders known as

The "black widow", and its color is the reason it is also called "the black one"; But why is it called "the widow"?!

The answer is simply:

- That the female of this type of spiders

When the mating process takes place, she wraps her body around the male until he breaks his bones after she gets her desire from him, then she lays her eggs on top of the bones, so the eggs hatch and the young feed on the bones of the parents;

The proverb in treachery when humans with this

" Black Widow" .

-- and she is a widow; Because every time mating occurs, she kills the male and becomes a widow after him. But the wonder that scientists noticed; that some of the males became aware of what was being done to them;

Their behavior changed over the generations, as they resorted to a complex trick in which they wrapped the threads that they secreted around the bodies of females, and after mating and obtaining the male, he abused him, as the female used to do before; he flees behind the backs; while leaving the female in her "black" predicament,

Her new name would be: "Engaged."

Black,” as a joke, not as a matter of fact.

* Scientists list insects that they call "smart insects", which indicates the idea that they have a mind that manages their affairs, including: ants, bees, butterflies and cockroaches, and in this article we talk about one of them

On the promise of talking about other insects to know how to deal with them in the way: 'know your enemy', and certainly

This is to determine: how to maximize its benefits; if it is useful or beneficial; we resist and fight it; if it is harmful. .

The smart cockroach:


Cockroaches are generally smart, and one of the signs of their intelligence is what they enjoy

From the innate ability to pass through the smallest openings in buildings and facilities, but a team of engineers at the College of Engineering and Technology at the University of "Nanyang" got excited about a specific type of cockroach called: "Madagascar cockroach" with a length of 6 centimeters and a large size, to conduct their experiments

It is under the supervision of Hirotaka

Sacco, "Assistant Professor at the University, majoring in: mechanical and aerospace engineering, and the experiment succeeded, and it was intended to help save humans and animals during the occurrence of natural disasters such as landslides."

terrestrial earthquakes and volcanoes

hurricanes and others.

* The idea was based on the cockroach doing the same instinctive work that it performs in its life when its body compresses (flattens it) so that its thickness becomes less than its natural thickness, so that it can pass through the narrow openings, and here human intervention occurs from Sacco and his team, where a bag weighing 5 and a half was made

grams, for the cockroach to carry on his back, in addition to a small camera

Very infrared, launch bag mission

Loud warning signs

Alert to the presence of humans or animals at the site of the natural disaster under the rubble, as signals are triggered when there is carbon dioxide gas and other rising

in the exhaled air while breathing of the beings buried under the rubble; While the camera monitors the heat released from these bodies that are still alive, the experiments succeeded and the project works under the supervision of Professor "Sako" in Singapore.

* Thus, it seems to us that there is a benefit from this cockroach and other cockroaches. But there are damages that occur from these cockroaches and other insects, and if we go back to the beginning of the article, we will find the two scientific opinions that explain the transformations and changes of insects; being directed by the nervous system; Or it comes through the transmission of hereditary traits over hundreds of thousands of years or generations that caused changes and transformations to occur; What matters to us is the harm of insects before their benefits in order to combat them, by exterminating or eliminating insects or getting rid of them. As well as to warn against falling in love with insects without resisting them, or combating them. Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provides its service with standards of quality, speed, accuracy and follow-up.

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