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termite control Abu Dhabi - Al Ain | anti termite treatment


God did not create the various living creatures in vain. Rather, he created each of them for a great wisdom that we knew or did not know. Termites are among the oldest insects that have existed for millions of years. The termite problem has emerged as a direct result of man’s tireless attempts to change the familiar processes of nature and harness them for his personal use. And in the distant times, and for very long periods, it was natural to accept the main function of termites with some other microorganisms accompanying them or coexisting with them in getting rid of wood in all their forms and other plant residues as well as cellulosic materials in general to restore their primary components to both soil and air in order to maintain balance The hermit of nature.

Termites are considered one of the most advanced social insects, as they live in colonies that vary in size according to the species. Termites live a life characterized by secrecy away from light, except for periods of migration and marriage to form new colonies.

Termites have sterile individuals such as workers and fertile sexual members such as the king and queen, and it is worth mentioning that termites of all kinds feed through the inner cavities of the wood and leave the outer frame intact to preserve its secrecy.

Termite control before or after construction requires special procedures and knowledge of all information related to termite infestation.

Mazaya Pest Control Company is ready to meet your requests for termite control and flooring spraying. We have more than one team ready to serve you for anti termite treatment in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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