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Shahama is little bit away from

the main land but it’s pretty quite area to live in. Though Shahama is not much developed but it’s growing in an organized way specially the modern villa areas. Best part is, this area is closer to Abu Dhabi International Airport and Emirates Park Zoo which made this place well living.

Our pest control service is always available for the people of Shahama. Though it’s little bit far away from our office but we are confident enough to provide same day service to this area. In case, you need past control service in Shahama, just give us a call to provide your exact location and we will be sending our trained team to make your living place past free. Our offered service includes:

  • Termite Control service in Shahama

  • Bed Bug Control service in Shahama

  • Bee Control service in Shahama

  • Rodent Control service in Shahama

  • Spider Control service in Shahama

  • Ticks Control service in Shahama

  • Fly Control service in Shahama

  • Cockroach Control service in Shahama

  • Fleas Control service in Shahama

  • Mite Control service in Shahama

  • Ant Control service in Shahama

  • Mosquito Control service in Shahama

Some frequently asked questions are answered for our Shahama based customers

Question 1: What’s the costing of pest control service in Shahama area? Answer: We charge AED 200 to AED 2000 as our standard charge which also applies for Shahama area.

Question 2: What information is required during the booking? Answer: You need to mention your area, estimated size and type of service you need. Upon that we will give you a quotation and then after finalizing the pricing upon negotiation we would need your address.

Need Quick and Reliable Pest Control Service in Shahama?

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