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plan for public health pest control work in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Develop a successful plan for public health pest control work in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The following actions must be taken

First : Analysis of the current situation

It is considered the first stage of pest control work in Abu Dhabi and is intended to develop a complete vision

On the public health pests present in the region and the surrounding factors by looking at the following :

1 : Basic information about the area .

2 : Climatic information for the area, including (temperature, humidity, speed

Wind, rainfall (all seasons of the year), summer, autumn,

Spring, winter (because the breeding seasons of some pests are linked to these seasons.

3 : Information about the public health pests in the area (types of heartbreaks and public health pests including mosquitoes insects , flies insects, rodents and stray animals present in the area and their breeding spots,

The most intense and widespread of these pests to focus on is their relationship to diseases

In the area, the breeding season for each insect and pest of these pests (.

4 : Information related to sanitation, and if there are any problems related to it, such as the presence of leaks that may cause a suitable environment for the breeding of mosquito larvae, and the presence of animal breeding pens.

5 : Information about pest control work, including knowledge of available equipment, tools and devices

For works (exploration and spraying, monitoring, sensitivity tests, spraying devices

Pesticides of various types: micro-spray, ordinary mist, and mist

temperature), as well as knowledge of available chemicals, including (public health insecticides).

6 : Information to reduce costs

7 : Information about the nature of the breeding sites for pests and insects in the area (whether fixed or not).

Variable, their number, and what are the best methods of treatment and extermination.

Where this perception is the starting point for developing a successful plan to control insects and pests Public health and its application in a manner commensurate with the conditions of each region in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain .

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