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Pest control service

Pest control

It should be known, that not all insects are harmful; Rather, there are beneficial ones, such as bees and some insects of agricultural soil that are beneficial to plants. As for harmful insects, they are what is called (pests), and they harm humans, animals and plants alike. Hence, the concepts of returning and eliminating insects, getting rid of insects, killing insects and others arose.

In the language, extermination means a final judgment, at least within the scope of the injury; Whereas in entomology it means not only the elimination of members of the insect species such as cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, weevils, mosquitoes, bugs and others; Rather, it also eliminates its eggs and the nests that contain any of the remains or requirements of the insect

And in order not to exaggerate the ability to eradicate individuals of an insect or some insects in a building, a house, or the like; We announce through our company located in the city of (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) that we will completely exterminate pests or harmful insects in the place during the season in which they are present until the next year.

Our feeling of responsibility for the extermination of insects in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) makes us interested in following up on the latest scientific studies in the field of pest control and prompting our specialists to communicate with the scientific research bodies to follow up on all new in the field.

Pest control

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