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Based on the information obtained for pest control, it is possible to develop a complete vision for analyzing the current situation, which helps in determining the most appropriate method of pest control according to the nature of the breeding sites for pests.

Based on this available information, it is possible to start developing a successful plan to combat public health pests, which includes covering the works for the area, selecting workers in the control work, determining and distributing work teams, selecting and specifying cars, devices and pesticides, implementing works, measuring performance and evaluating pest control work.

In selecting pest control workers, it should be taken into account that they have previous experience in the field of monitoring and control of public health pests and that they should be trained.

In the work of controlling public health insects, the focus should be on the use of environmentally friendly control methods, the use of baits, adhesive tapes, traps, and the prompt disposal of waste and others.

Reliance on chemical control with pesticides should be reduced as much as possible in order to preserve the health of the population and protect the environment from pollution.

Make daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports of the control work to determine the progress of work and solve the obstacles and problems facing its implementation.

Not to spray insecticides at high temperatures because they break down the active substance of the pesticide and prevent it from reaching the target pest, and high temperatures reduce the chances of the pest's presence.

Spraying of pesticides and pest control should be avoided during rain, wind, storm and dust

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