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pest control prices

pest control prices

It is known to everyone and what economics says is that for every good or service there is a return, and the consideration is expressed in words such as: price, value, or price. In the field of buying and selling, what the seller offers to the buyer is either

A commodity, such as: clothes, foodstuffs, electrical appliances, etc., or a service, such as: telephone communications, education, health, etc., and there is something that offers its product in the form of a good and a service at the same time (good + service), which is what it is upon The work of our company for pest control

Which serves in the city Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

_ The customer who benefits from our service in pest control and disposal, is interested in the quality of the service provided to him.

The price is commensurate with its income and the value of the service in terms of quality.

Our pest control company works in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) with a three-pronged strategy:

* First: High Quality:

They are:

1. Using the latest products offered by chemical and biological insecticide companies to eliminate insects.

2. Using the best and latest methods of eliminating insects.

Second: The right price:

It consists of:

1. Estimating the cost of the materials used in the treatment of pest control.

2. Estimating the value of the effort made by technicians and specialists to provide pest control service.

and accordingly ; The prices of pest control through our company in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain)

It is based on informing the customer of the appropriate prices for him when requesting the service by phone

Third: Ease and speed:

- Where we offer the service of moving to the place of implementation through our cars quickly and easily.

- The prices of pest control offered to our customers in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) are negotiated in a manner that will let the customer know that we do not overestimate the prices of pest control; Rather, we are keen to comfort the customers who deal with us, both in the past and in the new ones.

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