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Pest control in Abu Dhabi

Pest control in Abu Dhabi.

* Insects cause a lot of damage to humans and their property directly and indirectly. The most severe damage to human property is what insects cause to crops, vegetables, fruit trees and stored grains as follows:

1_ Feeding on the weakest areas of the plant before its maturity, as it feeds on leaves, buds, and stems, and later on the fruits. The most famous of those insects that do this are cutworm and leafworm

2_ Feeding on the original and secondary roots, i.e., on the root system of the plant, from these insects, diggers, and diggers

3_ Insects carry disease germs either on their bodies from the outside, or inside their bodies and infect the plants they land on.

4_ They suck plant juices, and among the most famous insects that do this are aphids, thrips, dubas and whiteflies

5 _ Some insects puncture the stems and branches of some plants and make tunnels with them. These insects include: corn borers, fig stem borers, and the red palm weevil.

6_ Some insects dig holes inside dates and seeds that make them unfit to eat or germinate like fruit flies, as well as the potato tuber worm that prevents humans from eating them.

7_ Some insects dig holes in the stems of some plants, specifically between the inner and outer epidermis, which harms the process of germination itself, or harms the ripening of plants for their fruits, or causes pustules and abnormal growths, and the most famous example of this is the mango leaf fly. All these previous damages delay the process of plant growth, spoil the flowers and do not lead to the ripening of the fruits.

* It is necessary to be aware that the harmful effects of insects on plants have a serious impact on the agricultural economy in particular, and on the economy in general, and the economic cost increases over time in combating insects in addition to the losses they cause directly; Although the types of harmful insects are few in relation to the number of insects outside our Arab environment, the extent of the suffering is great, and it is sufficient to know that the damages of these insects exceed the capabilities of some countries, which increases the size of their losses, as well as for private institutional entities for individuals who own farms and orchards, and we will learn about one insect during this The article after we talked in general about the damage of insects to plants is the fruit fly. The fruit fly is one of the insects with a wide negative impact and begins its harmful action by attacking the fruits in the months of September and November by first feeling the surface of the fruit and then pushing the egg-laying machine inside the pulp of the fruit. The eggs hatch quickly and turn into legless white larvae that feed on the contents of the fruit and become The place of taking is soft, light brown in color, and the affected fruits fall easily on the ground with a dirty appearance.

* Among the fruits that this fly infects: oranges, guavas, pomegranates, figs and apricots. Surprisingly, the fruit fly also infects vegetables, not only fruits.

* Scientific research has not stopped since the knowledge of this insect in its resistance; Rather, it is still looking into everything new to reduce its danger.

* It should be noted that there are many ways to combat fruit flies, including removing weeds, reducing the number of flies, and conducting chemical resistance programs for them. * We in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, and as usual in our work in pest control, always continue to conduct training courses for our company’s technicians and specialists, in theory and in practice, while following up on the latest scientific research in the field of insect control, and following new ways to serve the owners of fruit and vegetable farms, owners of food grain stores and others in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain We are aware of the spread of fruit and vegetable farms in and around Abu Dhabi, as well as grain stores, all of which are an important tributary for the establishment of home and hotel services throughout our beloved Abu Dhabi, which we are always keen on.

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