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Pest control requires that each of us have a culture and knowledge about insects through which he can learn a lot about the world of insects, which in terms of number is the largest number of creatures on the surface of the earth. The information talks about three categories of insects and is spread in encyclopedias of zoology, specifically entomology. The information sees insects in terms of their existence: extinct, unknown, known.

• Extinct insects: They are insects of many types whose existence scientists discovered through excavations and printed traces of organisms, and their description is few. Unknown insects: In some scientific encyclopedias, they reach nearly 10 million species that people have not known, and information about them is few, and within the limits of scientific study among scientists. As for the known insects, they amount to about a million and a half species of insects that scientists have studied in all the details in terms of describing the body, the history of life, its harms and benefits, its locations and its danger to the rest of the organisms and other information.

• In the modern era, man knows many beneficial insects, including, for example, bees, whose honey is used to heal many diseases, and as an important food for humans. It also benefits from its wax, from which the hive is made, as well as the silkworm that makes silk, which man has known for thousands of years. As for harmful insects, it is the field in which our company operates in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, where we control those harmful insects and some other animals that spread in the life of modern man, such as mice, lizards, and others. By reviewing the latest offerings of science colleges and insect control research centers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, among others, to benefit from everything new in the world of pest control, whether new insecticides with greater effectiveness, we buy them to benefit our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, as well as any new biological materials, as well as any treatment methods New chemical or biological. Our trainees are always innovating and are interested in providing an advanced pest control service from year to year and sometimes every several months according to the emergence of new ideas in the world of home or field pest control or in large buildings or in public and private parks and others in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

pest control service

* The pest control service is based on a scientific fact that confirms that insects are both beneficial and harmful, and the pest control service is based on combating the harmful type specifically, and the damage is to the person himself and to his agricultural crops, stored grains and building furniture. Insects communicate with each other through basic, multiple and varied means of communication, and thus the greatest part of their danger is their gathering, which causes an increase in the amount of damage to humans and his things. Insects have sense organs that are highly sensitive, and may specialize in one sense sometimes. Sending messages by touch and smell, and some insects can see ultraviolet rays or determine the rays of light heading towards them, and different species of wasps and wasps can secrete volatile chemicals in the air called pheromones that activate the members of the insect colony to work as one unit to attack their enemies, or attack humans.

* Entomologists call types of insects, social insects, because they have the ability to gather at certain moments, and they live in swarms or groups, when searching for food, for example, one of the worker ants releases smells in their path, so other workers follow them to find a food resource to gather in Kitchens, grain storage areas, restaurants, etc.

* In our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, we are keen to possess information about insects and how to combat them, as the information we have is the backbone of our work in the pest control service, and based on this we begin to develop our plans in the pest control service as well as present it to our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

* By possessing information related to the life of insects, their composition, life history and their damages, we can know the types of chemical and biological pesticides needed to eliminate insects, and we also know the appropriate methods for controlling insects and providing our service to the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain better and at a useful level in the pest control service.

A pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Some people think that insects are either crawling or flying. But what many do not know is that there are insects that dig the ground to build homes for them, and other insects may resort to plants and tree branches to live on or in them, or inside them, as they live on mountain tops and on top of buildings and inside human things such as devices that are not dangerous to them, furniture or pipes Abandoned and old waters, and so many places for insects to live.

* One of the behaviors of insects is that they live individually and in groups, and the number of insects that live in swarms can reach tens of millions, and this is the reason why they have a great impact on human life and benefit or harm him, and the error becomes greater if they gather in swarms by hundreds or thousands and attack fields and farms Houses and buildings are like swarms of locusts and termites, which gathered in many continents of the world and ate, as it is said in the common expression (green and dry) and sometimes makes the sunlight not appear for several minutes or hours if the swarms of flying insects gather in hundreds of thousands or millions in a particular area.

* Some think that all insects are harmful; But the scientific fact confirms all the time that there are insects that are beneficial and what is harmful, and that the harmful ones exceed several hundred species, and each type of harmful insects has millions of individuals and they live in our children with all the damage they cause, so we must have insect control companies, and our pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain know these scientific facts in the world of insects and are interested in providing pest control service in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, as this area is filled, especially on the edges of single houses, which are sometimes a little away from large residential gatherings, so the presence of a pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain An important necessity to provide a safe life from the damage of crawling and flying insects, which live in various hot, cold and even moderate climates and in various locations.

* Our pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is always striving to learn about all the new information in the world of insects and the latest studies and research, and what appears from new discoveries in ways to deal with insects through prevention and treatment, and is keen to train specialists and technicians with information and practical training to provide a service A pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the best way that satisfies our valued customers

Pest control company

• One of the professors of entomology who specializes in combating them says that he divided the damages of insects in general into three sections: 1- Insect damage to agricultural crops and other crops: The damages in this section are listed as follows:

(1) Absorption of juices from various plant tissues through the piercing parts of the mouth, such as aphids, scale insects and white flies.

(2) Feeding by gnawing leaves, buds, stems, fruits, and bark of trees from biting-mouthed insects such as locusts and beetles.

(3) Digging channels in the bark, stem, or bud, such as the apricot stalk borer

(4) Cause tissue irritation in the form of cancerous growths The harm of insects to humans and their domestic animals

(1) Being in places and making annoying noises while sleeping or resting

(2) Smell unpleasant odors resulting from the secretions of some beetles or cockroaches as they walk over utensils and food items.

(3) Cause irritation on the skin of humans and their birds, because these insects contain toxic substances. The entry of insects into sensitive parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, ears and mouth leads to redness and congestion of these parts and the occurrence of vomiting.

• Insect damage to stored materials

(1) Infection and damage to stored grains from some insects such as rusty flour beetles and sawdust and others

(2) Infection of carpets, fur and clothing by carpet beetles and types of mites

(3) Infection of leather by leather and tobacco beetles

(4) Destruction of the wax bases by wax worms and ants

(5) Books, newspapers, and wallpaper are damaged by silverfish

(6) Infestation of wood and furniture by termites

* Thus, it becomes clear to us some of the damages of insects, according to what the specialized entomologist mentioned, without mentioning all the damages, which makes us confident in mentioning the validity of these damages, especially as we watch them and see others, as a pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

* We, as an insect control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, are concerned all the time with following up on what specialists in the field of pest control write, and since the first day of our work as an insect control company, we have taken Abu Dhabi and Al Ain as a headquarters to provide our services.

Insects extermination

* From the dangerous information that suggests the magnitude of the problem in the relationship between humans and insects is that there are one and a half million types of insects as known species, while the estimated is about 10 million and accordingly, this huge number, whether estimated or known, makes insects the main competitor to man In the food on the planet Earth, as well as textiles and wood, which cause great corruption of all kinds of crops, trees, fruits, vegetables and textiles of all kinds, which makes insects the first enemy of living creatures for human beings.

* The majority of entomologists work in the field of economic entomology, which is also called applied entomology, because they study insect pests that cause spoilage in agricultural crops, ornamental trees, stored products, and buildings. They also study insect pests in food, textiles, and wood spoilage. There is even a so-called science of forest entomology, and this shows the danger of forest insects on the wood wealth that all humanity benefits from.

* The previous two paragraphs of this article reveal some of the dangers of insects, which are the first enemy of man among the living creatures on the surface of the earth. Even if there are beneficial insects, their number is limited and their benefit is not huge. Accordingly, we will enumerate and number some of the dangers to reveal the details of the battle that has been going on continuously and fiercely since Adam, peace be upon him, descended on earth and the sons of arthropods until the Day of Resurrection:

(1) Dangerous to agricultural crops such as wheat, corn, barley and others.

(2) Dangerous to textile crops such as cotton, flax and jute.

(3) Danger to timber trees such as carrots, eucalyptus, oaks, and others

(4) Dangerous to ornamental trees

(5) A danger to medicinal herbs, which reduces the availability of medicinal crops useful for humanity.

(6) Dangerous to the furniture of homes and buildings.

(7) Danger to fabrics, textiles, clothing, furnishings and others.

* So, we are facing an enemy that comes to us from every side, and from every direction and direction, which requires from each of us culture and knowledge, even in a limited way, according to the method: “Know your enemy,” which is what scientists, economic or applied entomologists, seek all the time by inventing new chemical or biological pesticides. New ways and means of pest control, and the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain must include those who own a farm, a home garden, an agricultural field, or someone who has a stock of crops, fabrics, or others that require the use of insect control companies, and our company has a special insect control license that we obtained from the Abu Dhabi Municipality And Al Ain after applying the criteria for obtaining a license or a license like this mentioned, and out of respect and appreciation for our customers who are residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; We are interested in providing all information obtained from reliable scientific sources before mentioning our company and the services and products it provides. Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years

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