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insects spray

insects spray

* If there are insects that are beneficial and beneficial to humans, such as bees; Certainly, there are so many harmful insects that people must fight and resist them. Rather, the intense desire to exterminate it and get rid of it

* Insects are more frequent in the spring and summer, as they are found in the fall and winter, albeit to a lesser degree. Here we advise our customers, as well as those wishing to get rid of harmful and harmful insects, to take advantage of the fall and winter seasons to carry out operations to prevent insect damage, whose visits begin as an unwelcome heavy guest. Spring and summer. .

* The most capable and most capable of carrying out prevention operations, as well as treatment, are the pest control companies, and their work teams, where specialization and knowledge of ways to deal with insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc., and this is done through trained specialists with long experience.

* There are many ways to control insects

Including spraying pesticides.

- Insect spraying: It is a process that some people think is easy, and it is no more than holding a device or machine that sprays the chemical liquid that kills the insect and pressing a button, and the substance or liquid used in extermination is released.

* The spraying of insects in order to achieve the best desired result for the exclusion of insects depends on scientific knowledge first and training in spraying methods according to controls to achieve the result that we talked about a while ago.

- First: The type of insect to be eliminated must be determined using the appropriate insect spray technique, in order to determine the type of appropriate chemicals or biocides that are best in getting rid of the insect.

Second: Determining the devices or machines that must be used and choosing the appropriate method of spraying insects, whether dry or liquid methods, through mechanical or manual devices or others.

* The provision of the insect spray service to the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, required our company to follow the latest methods of insect spraying according to scientific studies published in specialized refereed journals and on specialized websites

So that we offer the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain what raises our value to them and offers them what they are satisfied with objectively and without complacency, and we are pleased to present this under our constant slogan for more than 15 years, “Experience is the basis”

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