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Flea control

Flea control

- If most of the football fans in the world, or perhaps all of them, love the Argentine Lionel Messi, who has the nickname "The Flea"; She certainly does not like the flea itself; Because it is a harmful insect that brings diseases and not for fun as Messi.

- Fleas belong to the order of the flea or cryptorchids, where they have no wings-, of which 800 species are known. The body of the flea is compressed on both sides, and the length of most of its types ranges between 1 millimeter to 4 millimeters, and because there are no wings; It does not fly, but jumps with the help of its hind legs.

Fleas live on the human body, and the bodies of animals, especially domestic cats and dogs

Or the household, where fleas have helical hair, i.e. like a hook or a hook, which enables them to catch the human body, clothes, bedding, and animal bodies, and it has a mouth with a tube that inserts it into the body of the breadwinner or host, and continues to drink until it is satisfied.

- From those who presented this with little information, it is necessary to control fleas, because of their small size and their danger by drinking the blood of humans, cats and dogs; They transmit diseases such as plague and typhus, and in cases where diseases are not transmitted; The flea bite leaves on the body a red spot slightly raised from the surface of the body, causing painful itching for its owner.

In our pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, we have adopted a policy to control fleas specifically based on pesticides with effective efficacy for fleas in addition to spraying abundantly, which made our clients in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain testify to us of the ability to exterminate fleas to the extent of extermination.

Because our experience is more than 15 years, we have taken upon ourselves the task of controlling fleas and other pests in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. And the march goes on.

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