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The best pest control company in Abu Dhabi

The best pest control company in Abu Dhabi

The famous scientist Charles Darwin, the author of the famous, but rather the most famous book in the human and animal world, The Origin of Species, has another famous book that may be less famous; But it is very important: the expression of emotions in humans and animals

We take this text from it: “Insects express feelings of anger, terror, jealousy and love.” That was in 1872; Now, researchers have discovered more evidence that Darwin was on his way to making a huge discovery. According to what was published in the journal Science, bumblebees seem to possess a state similar to positive emotion, meaning that the bees feel something resembling happiness; and this idea remains. So far controversial

* We, as humans, cannot ask a bee to verify its feelings and describe them to us, and from here scientists had to search for new evidence that insects have cognitive, behavioral and physiological elements: that is, in the organs of their body that can produce emotions

* Biologist Clint Berry of Queen Mary College, University of London, conducted an experiment to search for this evidence, where he and his colleagues trained bumblebees to distinguish between blue flowers placed to the left of a particular container, and green ones placed to the right of the same container. The bees saw the blue flower and found a 30% sugar solution in it; But when he discovered the existence of the green flower, he did not find in it except plain water unsweetened with sugar, and here the bees learned to associate the blue flower with the presence of a sweet-tasting reward.

* The researchers tested the behavior of bees on flowers colored between blue and green, and this flower is placed between two flowers, blue and green. Before the test, half of the insects got a meal of 60% sugar solution. the color that combines green and blue; While the rest of the bees that did not get the sugar solution flew slowly towards this flower (which combines the two colors)

* Here we must be aware that the assumption of an ambiguous motivating element on a reward, despite the lack of evidence for this, is known as the “optimism bias.” Berry's previous experiment indicated that a dose of sugar led bees to a positive emotional state; It made him more optimistic, as he expected the mysterious flower to contain sugar

* There is no fundamental reason why insects should not have emotions; As for feelings, it is another issue; Because emotions mean love and hate; As for feelings, they are an expression between love and hate, and this is another issue. Although we use the words emotions and feelings in the language in one sense, scholars differentiate between them. And the scientist Damasio, a neuroscientist and philosopher from the University of Southern California, says: "Emotions are a group of actions, and there are many organisms that have emotions, but we cannot be sure that the organisms feel those emotions.

* At the present time, scientists hope that others will be encouraged to complete research in this direction, and they also hope that non-specialized people will look at insects as more than just small, thoughtless machines. Most people probably see insects as only harmful creatures that must be combated; And they have some right in this. Indeed, it is necessary to combat harmful insects and benefit from beneficial insects. This is one of the highest facts in the study of the world of insects. For words and knowledge, and a performance of useful experiences in the field of pest control. We are basically a company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for pest control, and we see that preference has exceeded the limits of what we were aiming for in terms of accuracy, quality and speed, to innovate a new element that is follow-up with our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, by following up with regular customers who seek Service more than once, by emptying the comments and responding to them, and by phone to our request more than once, as well as for the most reading of our article, and we think as a pest control company that the best company in Abu Dhabi for pest control is the one that adopts the elements of quality, speed and accuracy in providing services to customers, in addition to the element of follow-up .

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