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Beetles control

Beetles control

* You may have listened to a singing group called "The Beatles" and in Arabic "The Beetles", enjoy it.

The youth of the sixties were considered by many as one of the most famous musical and singing groups in history.

It caused an uproar all over the world.

It even formed a phenomenon all over the earth called the "Bettelmania" phenomenon, meaning the mania of beetles.

* This British band, originated in the city of “Liverpool” in the period from 1960 AD to 1970 AD. The origin of the name is: Beet; Beetles

No rhythm of beetles.

- As for the true beetles, they are insects with benefits and harms, and therefore it is necessary to combat them, i.e. combat beetles of harmful species.

* Benefits of ladybugs:

1. The scarab beetle fertilizes the agricultural soil with the droppings of animals such as cows and buffaloes, i.e. dung, and bury it in the form of balls in the soil.

2. Elimination of some agricultural pests by devouring them, such as vermin.

3. It feeds on some insects harmful to agricultural soil.

4. Some people enjoy the beauty of some types of beetles because of their beautiful shapes and colors, which prompted some car shape designers to design shapes for car bodies that look exactly like beetles.

* Damage to beetles:

As a company specialized in pest control in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, we are interested in defending the wealth of the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. We are interested in introducing our customers to combating harmful types of beetles, including:

1. Eating the buds and flowers of cotton and wheat, which stops them from growing.

2. It spoils bee honey and hives, and causes the bees to flee from the hive

3. Eating the pulp of the date palm, which harms the production of dates.

4. Eating the roots of some living trees, which harms the plant wealth as well as the woody wealth.

- We at Mazaya Pest Control have pledged to use the latest technologies to eliminate these harmful beetles.

We have been working under the slogan "Experience is the basis" for more than fifteen years

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