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bed bug control

bed bug control

* warning :

We warn you not to pay attention to looking at the bed in any hotel you are staying in

We warn you not to look at your clothes when you leave the hotel you were staying in and return to your home.

We warn against neglecting to inspect your clothes after staying overnight or staying outside your home.

* clarification :

The foregoing and other warnings are out of precaution or precaution; And the reason

There is an insect that he knows, and some people may not know, and it is (bed bugs), or (bugs).

* Brief definition:

It is an insect: small in size, flat in body, brown in color, and all these descriptions enable it to hide

And to hide from the eyes, and choose the places to hide and hide in cracks, paths and passages of wood in the bed of the sleeper, or wheels, seats and all the furniture.

* Danger:

1. . It stings, causing infections and itching of the skin.

2. . If the bites are repeated and the itching and inflammation are repeated to the extent that it has become chronic, then it will cause the person to lose iron and hemoglobin in the blood, which will have satisfactory effects in the future.

3. The presence of bed bugs in the clothes of the sleeper causes insomnia that prevents him from sleeping or reduces his hours.

* It was not known that bed bugs transmit diseases; However, some studies find that it is rare to cause the transmission of the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

And for all that we mentioned, quoting from the competent scientific departments, it is necessary to combat bed bugs, and combating bed bugs is one of the specialties of our company in the fight against insects in Abu Dhabi.

_ Our company in (Abu Dhabi) provides a service to combat bed bugs in a way that guarantees, with God’s help, the elimination and disposal of bedbugs, as well as a prevention service after their elimination for our customers in (Abu Dhabi), through specialists trained in this matter.

_ It remains for our customers to know that eliminating bed bugs requires diversification between pest control methods between chemical and non-chemical means.

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