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Anti termite treatment in Abu Dhabi

Anti termite treatment in Abu Dhabi

* Termites are an insect of a harmful type that does not benefit humans until we consider them a harmful and beneficial insect at the same time, and one day in the eighties of the last century, that is the twentieth century, news spread in Egypt about eating a number of wooden poles carrying telephone wires on the road between Cairo and Suez and at that time The government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, has moved working teams to confront termites and locusts to eliminate and get rid of them.

* We will talk in this article about only two issues related to termites, the first: the reasons for termites to enter buildings and facilities, and the second: the damage of termites to humans and buildings, and we start with the reasons.

* Reasons for termites to enter buildings and facilities:

(1) The presence of narrow or wide openings in the main doors or the rest of the doors of the house, facility or building through which termites enter easily

(2) The presence of wood covering the floor of the building, which is known as parquet

(3) The presence of villa gardens irrigated with water or even wet from rain or light spraying operations, as it is the appropriate environment in which termites live, as the wet environment suits them for living, as well as bathrooms and kitchens

* Damage to the presence of termites in facilities and buildings:

(1) Termites eat wood that they find on their way, starting from the base wood of the establishment or house, where they dissolve the wood with their saliva to eat cellulose, which is their favorite food

(2) Damaging the building’s wood, from windows and doors, to the floor and ceiling, if it is lined with wood

(3) Some types of termites may damage fragile water pipes or pipes. As for the person himself, he may be bitten or stung by a termite, causing him wounds, which may lead to allergies and asthma.

* We, as a company to anti termites and other insects, advise the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to pay attention to the importance of preventing termites as well as combating termites if they manage to enter the building.

* The termite control is according to the opinions and advice of the experts of the study of pest control and their emphasis on the importance of prevention before treatment due to the exacerbation of the danger. Or the house on themselves, which we delegated ourselves to do. Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years

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