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Termite control Abu Dhabi


Termites live in colonies of various sizes, termites are distinguished by their enormous level among insects in causing great destruction of wood and cellulosic materials, and termites cause great losses to buildings, wood, furniture, fabrics, paper, books and paper boxes.

Termites are similar to cockroaches in their initial stages of growth, and termites are distinguished from ordinary ants that the chest and abdomen are connected to each other without a waist and termites feed on cellulose. White to dark brown.

Termites live far from the light, except for periods of migration and mating to form new colonies, in which the color of insects changes from white to dark brown with the appearance of wings to fly from the original colony to other areas to complete the marriage and then lose the wings.

The colony begins after the marriage of two individuals of different sexes, consisting of the king and the queen. The size of the queen gradually increases and doubles, then she lays eggs at a rate of 6 eggs per minute, and then the eggs hatch to produce termite nymphs that go through some stages of growth.

Termites, including fertile and productive insects such as the king and queen, and sterile insects such as workers and soldiers, the queen can live for up to twenty years, and one colony can have more than one queen, and the average lifespan of sterile individuals in termites is between 2 to 3 years .

According to living habits, there are two types of termites:

1. Wood termites: including termites for dry wood and termites for damp wood

2. Subterranean Termite

Signs and manifestations of termite infestation:

• Insect droppings that fall from holes in the wood and are more like sand

• The presence of broken transparent wings falling at the areas of injury

• The presence of holes in the wood

• The emergence of winged adults during the migration seasons

• The emergence of losses in timber

• The presence of external mud tubes on the walls and doors

termite control

Termite control depends on the use of termite pesticides with a residual effect that works to exterminate termites and prevent and repel the attack of termites on buildings and wooden structures.

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