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Spraying pesticides in Abu Dhabi

Spraying pesticides in Abu Dhabi

Insecticides are considered to this day to be the main means of pest control operations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, despite the emergence of many effects associated with spraying insecticides, whether through the application or the expansion of the use of pesticides or poor selection of the appropriate insecticide.

The field of insecticides is a rapidly developing and modernizing field where those who deal with it are required to keep pace with this rapid development. The training of pest control technicians, supervisors and engineers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain must be constantly updated, and educate them about restrictions, warnings, and the danger of pesticides to public health and the environment, through training programs in the field of pest control. Insects, as the use of insecticides requires special responsibilities and skills in occupational safety and health, identifying ways to explore insects and pests, monitoring and counting insects, knowing the seasons of their reproduction, the insect life cycle and factors that increase their reproduction, knowing the potential places for insects to breed, determining the appropriate methods for controlling insects, and diversifying the methods of pest control among the methods. Chemical and non-chemical natural methods and complete knowledge of the safe use of pesticides

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