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Scorpion control

Scorpion control

* Some people are sometimes described because of their cunning and cunning, and in comparison to others, that they are scorpions; This is because the scorpion contains poison that harms those who bite it. Scorpions belong to the class of arachnids and have eight legs. They live in hot and dry areas and hide in burrows and cracks and under stones and rocks for moisture and to avoid the heat of the sun. There are about 2,000 species in the world and most of the species are poisonous. Where the gland that carries poison is located at the end of the tail, the sting of a scorpion is very dangerous to humans

* There is a so-called black scorpion, and it is called the Arab scorpion, and it has a valuable tail, often where it is present during the day and has the ability to dig a hole and sleeps in this hole and moves at night in search of its prey and clings to the prey and the battle often ends in its favour, and as some scorpions eat scorpions Others of the same kind also eat some types of spiders and some small lizards and beetles of all kinds, and from here the danger of lizards, beetles and spiders appears as harmful creatures to themselves if they are anywhere, as they bring scorpions by their presence where they are preyed upon by scorpions.

* The total length of the scorpion ranges from 8 to 10 cm. Scorpions do not see well. Their vision is very weak, they do not hear or smell, and they depend on sound vibrations and vibrations to know the direction of the prey. The body and sabotage the respiration of the intruder and increase the heart rate.

* Scorpion venom frightens people, and it really deserves to be frightened, and scorpions use it to anesthetize prey on the one hand and to defend themselves against any attack. Nervousness in a person who has been stung or stung and causes shortness of breath, a drop in the heart, which reaches the most severe pain after about an hour and the pain lasts for an hour or two, and the symptoms that affect the stung or stung person are high body temperature, high blood pressure in addition to a drop in blood pressure Sometimes with an increase in sweat and drooling, involuntary tears, severe pain in the stinging site, diarrhea and vomiting, the fight against scorpions is a strong duty, and inspection in the places of cracks and others is a necessity. Combating scorpions of all kinds and monitoring their hiding places as a primary means of combating scorpions. Filling cracks in which scorpions hide with deadly substances and filling them in order to avoid their danger, especially in old or abandoned houses and large buildings in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

* We are used to providing excellent service to our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to combat scorpions that spread at night and while people are asleep.

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