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Rodent control

Rodent control

Rodents are the plural of the word rodent, and they are mammals, i.e. birth, and in terms of the number of their types, they constitute forty percent of the number of all types of mammals found on the surface of the planet, and they are spread on all continents except Antarctica Among the most famous of these rodents are mice, and there are, of course, animals other than mice that belong to rodents, and it must be known that rodents eat or gnaw with their teeth not only in order to be fed, but for another very important reason that God created them with, which is to preserve their front incisors from erosion as the teeth if you don't lend anything; It grows constantly throughout the life of the mouse, and therefore its growth outside the mouth of the rodent makes it unable to close the jaws and the danger to the rodent reaches the point of penetrating the roof of the throat and death of the animal anyway, and soft and soft materials are not suitable for food all the time for the rodent

* Therefore, the danger of rodents to humans and their needs and things lies in the following:

1- Eating soft and smooth human things such as food, clothing, textiles, furnishings and others

2- Eating solid and semi-solid human food items such as smoked grains

3- Loosen solid objects such as wood, metal and others, which causes damage to the foundations, desks, seats, etc. so that no damage occurs to the teeth of rodents.

* Most rodents give birth in large numbers, especially in the presence of large quantities of stored crops. Rodents reach in their brutality in eating human things to the extent that they eat everything and leave nothing, whether cultivated crops or grains taken, and they transmit bubonic plague and harbor fleas in their bodies. Which jump from the bodies of rodents, especially mice, to human things such as clothes and furniture, and from here it is necessary to combat rodents, and the issue of rodent control by the ministries of agriculture and individuals everywhere has become an issue worthy of discussion and follow-up.

* We are an insect control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and the control of harmful animals. We have made it a priority for our work to combat rodents, as they are sometimes more dangerous than most insects. Prevention service to prevent the presence of rodents in fields, stores, homes, gardens and farms in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and the third is a treatment service to eliminate rodents that are already present in these and other places Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years # Cockroach control # Ant control # Termite control # Bed bug control # Moth control # Flies control # Mosquito control # Ticks control # Mites control # Spiders control # Rat control # Rodent control # Bee control # Wasps control # Lice control # Fleas control # Gecko control # Lizard control # Beetles control # Weevils control # Anti termite treatment # Silverfish control # Household insects control #pest control Abu Dhabi

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