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rat control

rat control

- If you knew that the United States of America spends $19 billion every year to fight rats, which is equivalent to

A sixth of what you spend to fight all the harmful animals that invade!

And if you know that some types of mice have the ability to gnaw metals; And even eat it!

- And if you know that only two cities in the world are the only two cities that are completely free of mice, and they are:

Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, according to officials' statements there!

- And if you know that mice, including some who eat everything without exception, as if they are Gog and Magog mice!

And if you knew that the French campaign, after it moved from Egypt to invade the Levant, killed a large number of its soldiers and members because of the plague that mice transmitted to them!


After knowing all this, would you not wish that:

• Spend the least amount of money to fight and get rid of mice?!

• Keep your metal objects from damage?!

• Your city (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) will be among the cities that are declared free of mice, and your house in it will, of course, be free of them?!

• You, your family and your community enjoy health, and diseases are not transmitted between you?!

Wishes come true:

We give you good news that we have the first steps, thank God, to fulfill those wishes through an entire system in the city of

(Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) to combat rats through specialized technicians, devices, and chemical and biological materials

It operates on the medical principle "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"

Pure and treated to stop fighting mice

Be with us, and we will help you fight mice with the latest scientific methods.

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