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Pesticides in Abu Dhabi


There are many types of pesticides, including agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides, and we will focus here on public health pesticides.

First : What are public health pesticides ?

They are chemicals that contain specific percentages of active ingredients with low toxicity and some other additives, as the lethal dose of these pesticides is more than 2000 mg / kg according to the recommendations of the competent authorities in Abu Dhabi, and they are used to reduce the number of public health pests to a minimum that does not cause any problems or health diseases.

What is the half-lethal dose of the pesticide LD50 ?

It was defined as the dose that would eliminate half of the number of pests in one experiment at a specific time, and it shows the extent of the toxicity of the pesticide, and it is measured in mg of pesticide / kg of body weight, the higher the number of the lethal dose of the pesticide, the toxicity decreased.

Second: the division of public health pesticides

1 : Botanical Pesticides

Such as nicotine - pyrethrins - rotenone

2 : Organochlorine insecticides

like lindan

3 : Organophosphorous insecticides

Such as Temiphos - Chlorpyrifos - Fenitrothion - Malathion - Primiphos methyl

4 : Carbamate pesticides

Like Fenobucarb

5 : Synthetic pyrethroid pesticides

Such as deltamethrin - cypermethrin - tetramethrin - alpha cypermethrin – lambda-cyhalothrin - zeta-cypermethrin

6 : Insect growth regulators

Such as diflubenzuron - triflumuron - pirboxifene

7 : neonicotinoids insecticides

such as imidacloprid - acetamiprid

8 : Biocides

such as Bacillus thuringiensis

9 : Pyrazole pesticides

like fipronil

Third: Forms of public health pesticides

Insecticides in Abu Dhabi come in different shapes and forms, the most important of which are the following:

1 : EC . Emulsifiable Concentrate

2 : SC . Concentrate Suspension

3 : SL . Soluble Concentrates

4 : CS . Capsulated Suspension

5 : WP . Wettable Powder

6 : G . granules

7 : DP . Dusting powder

8 : G . Gel

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