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Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

pest control service * The word (biology) means (life sciences) Specialists in it, with different specialties, study: Plant sciences with its various branches, animal sciences with its various branches, and the sciences of the human body, such as: anatomy, embryos, physiology, the family, and others. Biology also studies what is called (history). Natural), which is the study of the origin of the Earth as a planet and the creatures on it, and earth science or (geology). We note that the word BIO means life, and the word BIO means life. LOGY It means "knowledge" and together it becomes a word BIOLOGY It consists of two parts: “Life sciences” as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, and because insects belong in their study to “Animal Sciences”; The specialists in the study of insects divided insects in terms of benefit and harm into two categories: beneficial and harmful insects. We can control harmful insects through two types of control or resistance: chemical resistance, and biological or biological resistance, which is the subject of this article. In the next lines * The idea of ​​biological resistance or biological control is based on the production of natural enemies of insect pests, i.e. finding enemies such as parasitoids and predators whose mission is to eliminate pests in a proper manner by using multiple methods, including radiation, in order to increase the applicability, cost-effectiveness and safety in terms of It is about breeding and propagating these natural enemies. There is also the so-called reinforcement biological control, which is based on the idea of ​​releasing additional numbers of natural enemies so that the ability of these enemies is based on making harmful insects sterile, so as not to produce excess harmful pests, and this is by releasing sterile males that are unable to reproduce with females of harmful insects. And that is when the males are in the stage of puberty, and ionizing radiation, ie using gamma rays and X-rays, can be used to alleviate a number of obstacles to this promotional control. * There are a number of biological control methods that use a number of insects harmful to humans, animals and plants, and they include various insects such as nematodes, bacteria, fungi and viruses in the face of harmful insects, so there are some examples, including the following: 1- Beetles: and here we use the insect technique against insects. There are a number of types of beetles or similar to some extent. The bodies of these insects are orange with black or black spots with orange spots ranging from 2 to 12 spots. The beetles offered for sale are collected from certain areas in Each country, and in the case of these beetles, they are attacking the eggs and larvae of harmful insects, as well as full-fledged insects with small soft bodies such as aphids, some types and some types of moths and spiders 2- The praying mantis: these eat insects that can be hunted, whether they are large or small, paper hoppers, flies, spiders, worms, and others; But the problem with this natural enemy called the praying mantis is that it eats harmful and beneficial insects at the same time, and therefore its importance is low for this defect. 3- The aphid lion: It is green in color and its problem as a natural enemy of harmful insects lies in the hatching of its eggs and the survival rate of the larvae. Therefore, its effectiveness is also low, and it can be used as a natural enemy in combating aphids, dusty bugs, white flies, eggs and larvae of other insects. . 4- Parasitic wasps: They are small in size and can fly in a range of only 116 inches. They do not harm humans. This wasp eats some worm eggs such as tomato worm, cabbage worm, corn worm, cotton worm, corn borer and moth; 5- Predatory mites: It is one of the spiders and has eight legs and a length of less than one millimeter. It also eats its prey including moths, fungi, larvae and some other insects, and it can be used to combat insects in some places such as parks, gardens and vineyards , It is one of the assets in the environment without the need to multiply it. * There are other predatory insects used in biological control, and they are insects that face harmful pests, and after all this offer, many microbial pesticides are available to control insects, these pesticides have the ability to choose the host insect and the use of these pesticides requires great knowledge of technicians and specialists to determine Targeted insects to be eliminated, which is available to our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and specialists have experience in dealing with this type of biopesticide, as it is chemically lactated, and there are other types of these microbial pesticides, and its name is Thuringia bacteria, which is one of the most widely used microbial pesticides. In the control of the larvae of the worm, the larvae of the gypsy moth worm, the tomato, the spruce bud worm, ..... and others. * Fungi: including a fungus called Beauveria, which grows naturally in the soil, kills a few insects every year in most gardens and fields, and is not limited to controlling insects in the soil only, but this fungus and other fungi eliminate potato beetles and mealybugs and Whitefly, these fungi as an enemy of harmful insects multiply as a reaction to the spread of harmful insects, which makes them play a major role in eliminating harmful pests. * And our company is in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and it provides pest control service; It keeps pace with every scientific talk in the field of pest control and provides its services to the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in a service trilogy that begins with prevention and protection: This means that we provide a service to protect homes, kitchens, gardens, farms and animal stables from the presence of harmful insects in them, meaning that we hurry Not to welcome the unwelcome heavy guest to visit any harmful insects, then we provide a service to eliminate those harmful insects if they are found in our beautiful city and its suburbs (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain), and finally we provide a cleaning and disinfection service from the effects of chemical and biological pesticides that may harm Which plants?

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