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Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

Insects possess a set of traits and features that are superior to other organisms historically and in the reality of their existence on the planet since the existence of a history of the earth and what is in it is called natural history, which is the history of the emergence of the earth as a planet and its creatures, and may share with it in the Few of these features and features some other creatures, but to a lesser degree, insects:

1- The largest group of living organisms on the surface of the earth, which includes more than a million and a half species discovered; While there are approximately 8 and a half million people who know their hypothetical characteristics without actually discovering them.

2- Some studies indicate the extinction of tens of millions of flying and crawling insects before their discovery.

3- Insects are superior to all living things by being everywhere on Earth; It is unparalleled by other creatures.

4- A person shares his life, regardless of his environment, in a way that is unparalleled by other creatures.

5- There are only beneficial organisms without harm to humans and the environment; While there are organisms that are only harmful to humans and the environment; At a time when insects are beneficial and harmful to humans and the environment.

6- In the case of benefit there are many types, in case of harm there are many types as well, and the benefits and harms expand to an amazing degree. Beneficial insects is a term related to the benefit to humans, plants, animals and the environment without causing any harm or harm, directly or indirectly. Examples of this are:

- Silkworm: which produces silk used in making clothes, which is of course expensive, and was historically bought by the State of China, and for its quality, man produced what is called artificial silk; But certainly the superiority of natural silk because it was made by God in the hands of divine power

- Bees: The one who produces honey or the honey that preceded medicine and chemistry with its ability to cure many diseases away from religious texts. Of course, bees have many other benefits in their candles with which they make cells, and in their sting that heals other diseases and so on. In the field of medicine, there have been international and local research confirming the effectiveness of some substances extracted from certain types of insects, where antibiotics were extracted, for example, antibiotics were extracted from a certain type of beetles for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. –

Spiders: substances have been extracted from them that treat angina pectoris, which causes the death of millions of people, whether smokers, patients with chest allergies, or those with collapsed lungs.

- Ants: Substances have been extracted from the saliva of ants that help stimulate blood circulation, which makes a person sick with blood diseases able to practice his daily activities and life to a degree close to a healthy person.

Fruit fly: It contains many secrets, and it is sufficient that it contains substances that delay human aging and give freshness to organs and skin for a longer period.

* Insects have a history in which man participates in his life and affairs, and this history is long according to different peoples The ancient Egyptians: They are the first people in the world to use the wasp insect to sting the place of the tumor in humans in order to remove congestion and alleviate its effects, as the hornet (the male bee) produces chemicals that help weaken the symptoms of the disease, and they also used scorpions to produce chemical serums to treat the effects of the disease. Scorpion stings themselves, as well as extracting some substances from a female spider to treat the angina we talked about previously, in addition to the achievements of the ancient Egyptians in the field of using insects for the medical benefit of humans, the leech insect to prevent blood loss, and of course in the present time medicines are extracted from all these insects In the form of antibiotics and serums to treat these diseases.

* Ancient Arabs and the West: The Arabs also used leeches, like the ancient Egyptians, to treat high blood pressure, and also in the West, in ancient and modern times, a substance called "black widow" or "black widow" was used, which is the female spider and represents part of a larger and more comprehensive treatment called " Homio Pathy, which is a type of treatment based on the theory (and Downey, which was the disease), which means the use of the substance that causes the disease to get rid of the disease itself, and this was a method in ancient Europe and was rediscovered again in The modern era; There is even a private college in London that has been using this method since the middle of the twentieth century. Among the discoveries of this college that scientists found is that the female spider secretes poison when it enters the body that leads to severe narrowing in the coronary arteries of the heart, causing severe pain that causes angina, and it is surprising that when Reducing this poison to a large extent, it cures the pain of angina pectoris, which made it a poison and an antidote at the same time, however, it is not necessary to be random behind the use of insect treatment so that complications do not occur, for example, that one of the women was treated for a liver disease badly by using a bite or Bee stings or stings, which resulted in her death. Therefore, successful scientific research must be legalized between doctors, chemists, sociologists and others in order to avoid the inclusion of fraud and quack in treatment; Where everything is calculated and careful.

* There are recent studies that have proven that some insects can be eaten as useful food, as they contain a high nutritional value, such as beef. A document has been issued by the FAO (F.A.O), ie the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, on insects suitable for consumption as human food, where the document mentioned Two billion people, nearly a quarter of the Earth's population, contain 1900 species of insects in their diet, with beetles 31%, bees, wasps and ants 14%, and others; This is because many insects have high levels of proteins, fats, calcium, iron and zinc. For example, beef contains 6 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of dry weight; While the iron content of locusts ranges between 8 and 20 mg per 100 g of dry weight of locusts, insects are among the main resources thatIt is available as a protein-rich food source in forests.

* Researchers (Mays Vaughan) of the Society for the Conservation of Invertebrates, known as Xercis, and (John Luzi) of Cornella University believe that $57 billion is a small sum for the value of services rendered by wild insects globally, just through economic processes around hard data and In their economic study, the two researchers focused on four processes carried out by insects: eliminating waste, controlling crops and legume pests, pollinating plants, feeding wild animals such as birds; While the two researchers excluded from the analyzes services produced by insects that were raised in farms; That is, bees and others were excluded, but if the rest of the operations are taken into account from an economic point of view, the amount will reach hundreds of billions of dollars, and in a later article we will continue to write about the benefits of insects in many details and accuracy.

* Every reader of this article and other things we write on the website of our company located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain should be aware of; All of our writings provide a cultural service for the readers and those who wish to obtain the services of our company. Do not forget the insect damage caused by 140 types of harmful insects, which our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain pest control, and we provide these services based on the principles: quality, speed and accuracy. As these three principles govern us in providing our triple services represented in: (prevention and protection), (extermination of harmful insects), (post-extermination service represented in cleaning and disinfection), as we are fully aware that our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain who They ask for a pest control service. They are not satisfied with anything but scientific standards in providing pest control service.

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