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Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

* Among the facts in entomology and the study of these organisms, which were among the first to appear on Earth from creatures that extend in natural history to approximately 435 million years, are the following: - Insects, including beneficial and harmful ones, and harmful ones are of more than 140 species, and the damages vary between transmitting diseases, causing stings, causing bites, and other damages. In this article, we will be content with talking about insect stings and bites, and Which in turn includes a number of facts:

1- Stings and stings cause itching in the skin of humans or animals, and stings in themselves are not dangerous, but the transmission of diseases is dangerous.

2- There are insects that contain poison that they put in the bodies of their prey, and some of them do not contain poison, such as: mosquitoes - fleas - lice - bed bugs - mites (mosquitoes) - flies of various kinds such as: sand flies _ horse _ black _ stable _ the fruit.

* Most stings lead to: Small red nodes that cause itching. This itching results in:

1- A large, swollen ulcer that causes pain to the victim.

2- Symptoms of infection transmitted to other victims, causing redness and swelling around the site of the sting.

3- A rash that leads to difficulty breathing.

4- It is strange that some insects can cause an allergic response (that is, the feeling of wanting to scratch or scratch even when not being stung, especially in fleas). This prompts us to identify diseases transmitted through insect bites, such as: malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis.

* In dealing with insect stings, it should be noted that there are people who are hypersensitive to insects and use injections (Epin Verine) through thin needles. These people will be asked to:

1- Clean the place of the sting.

2- To reduce pain, itching and swelling, drug treatments prescribed by dermatologists are used. 3- Use of antihistamines

* There is a high probability for every person on the planet to be exposed, almost permanently, to insect bites, and a set of precautions must be taken, regardless of whether the environment in which a person lives is clean or unclean, namely:

1- Avoid exposure to large amounts of insects.

2- When exposed to the degree, first aid must be done before the purpose of the doctor, including cleaning the sting and applying some ointments to moisturize. In general, even beneficial insects such as bees can clearly cause swelling in the skin and leave a red spot in its place with a small white dot and the white dot heres the evidence It penetrates the skin, and some types of bees leave a tail called the stinger’s tail, which remains attached to the skin and must be removed.

* And some types of insects, such as wasps and pollen bees, do not leave a tail, and then it is better to escape from the place so that the insects do not sting again

* Some people get confused in recognizing insect bites, and there are several ways to locate the stinging sting, including the following:

1- Determining the location of the sting as soon as it occurs, and the place where the sting took place is the place where pain is felt

2- Sometimes the one who has been bitten or stung does not feel pain; But it discovers the sting when undressing and wearing it, especially if he has white or light skin, where there are traces of stinging or stinging, such as swelling or redness, or the appearance of circular spots such as bed bug bites that lead to the emergence of a gathering of red itchy protrusions in the form of rows consisting of Two or three bites.

* There are two questions worth looking for an answer to, the first of them: What are the factors or influences that attract insects to reach their victims and do Saudi Arabia or bite? Second: How can insects be combated, especially when there are many in the place? _ To answer the first question, scientists mention a number of factors, including: light, where insects are attracted to it, especially flying insects, and smell: where certain smells attract certain types of insects to approach the source of the smell, and certain colors: insects are attracted to some cheerful colors such as red. Black, blue, etc., carbon dioxide: which is contained in the exhaled air of humans or animals, some blood types such as A, AB, and there are other factors that help attract insects towards the victims to practice their stings or bites.

* To answer the second question: Fighting insects is not suitable for individual efforts by owners of homes, farms, gardens, etc.; It is necessary to expand the scope of control, as this is done through specialized technicians and specialized companies whose strategies are based on full reliance on scientific studies of insecticides, methods of pest control, biocides and products of specialized, reliable, and licensed factories, which is available to our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which We gained the confidence of the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain through our dealings with them, as we took it upon ourselves to offer all our experiences covered by the confidence gained from the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, in addition to the years of experience in this field.

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