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Pest control service company in Abu Dhabi

Pest control service company in Abu Dhabi

Pest control companies in Abu Dhabi must use registered and licensed insecticides. Each insecticide must be registered with the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi before selling the pesticide and before using it in pest control. The registration procedures are important to provide the appropriate and safe use of pesticides and protect humans and the environment from ineffective chemicals. Insecticide registration procedure includes evaluating each pesticide as to whether the pesticide will be classified as a general-use pesticide or a restricted-use pesticide that can only be sold or used by licensed companies and technicians in the pest control service. Registration information is reviewed and revised as part of the procedures Register the insecticide in Abu Dhabi, and a license is granted to the insecticide for a specific period of time, after its expiry, the pesticide is re-evaluated and its registration is renewed again. Safety and Security ,

Any insect control company in Abu Dhabi must make sure before using any insecticide that it is registered and approved by the competent authorities in Abu Dhabi.

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