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Pest control service in Abu Dhabi

* Planet Earth and what is on it and those on it have two histories: a history of the earth’s crust before the existence of life on it and after the existence of life and its plant, animal and inanimate beings, and this is called natural history. As for human history, it is called human history, and natural history tells the story of the origin of the earth and Theories that explain the formation of the earth’s crust and what is inside it, and what is on it from the animal and plant kingdoms, and we are interested in this series of articles in the animal kingdom, specifically the division of arthropods and which of them are insects .

* Insects according to a large number of scientists and in various studies are the first animals that appeared on the surface of the earth and their age is estimated between 435 million years and 480 million years, and accordingly they are the first flying animals to appear, they appeared before the winged reptiles about 204 million years, to represent one of the rulings God created the earth and the creatures on it, preparing for the reconstruction of the earth at the hands of the last of the creatures, the human being whom God honored and gave him the ability to populate the earth, making use of all the resources, natural wealth, animals and plants in it to make this planet what it is now, and of course it has Many types of insects became extinct; While other insects evolved, these insects were among the first terrestrial herbivores (grass eaters) that fed on plants, although many types of plants also developed themselves in some chemical defenses in order to protect themselves from insects as an enemy in a certain historical period; While insects played a reverse role as they developed themselves to resist plant toxins, many insects use anti-poisons to protect themselves as well, meaning that we are facing a historical battle between some insects and some plants to ensure the survival of both species.

* Some insects resorted to plants to protect themselves in different ways, as they evolved to resemble the leaves of flowers, trees, or branches, and this method is called imitation or resemblance. While the insect takes enough of the plant food such as nectar or juice.

* A number of entomologists have made statistics related to the number of insects and the rates of their presence on the surface of the earth and in various environments, where they found that a square mile contains a number of insects equivalent to millions of species. They discovered specifically that there are annually from 7 to 10 thousand new species; While about ten million species have not yet been discovered, that is, entomologists always find new types of insects that they have not seen before and do not know and need to define their descriptions.

* Beetles constitute the largest group of insects on the surface of the earth, with nearly 300,000 different species; While the types of vertebrate animals such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals amount to 43,000 species, and one of the most famous types of beetles is a type with a strange name, which is the ladybird. They prey on them in huge quantities, and this type of beetles has become breeding in private farms where it is sold to owners of orchards or gardens who appreciate the value of these beetles in eliminating insects harmful to their crops, and some governments in some countries have also released these beetles in agricultural lands as I did America, which released millions of beetles in orange farms in California, and this is a kind of biological control of insects.

* One of the most famous information in the world of insects is that insects have beneficial ones such as bees and others, and harmful ones such as weevils, and it has reached so far according to scientific sources that the types of harmful insects may be more than 140 species and have multiplied in human life to harm him personally in his home. It also harms its agricultural crops, stored grains, gardens, wood, textiles, clothes and other things, which created a specialty that combats these harmful insects, eliminates them and limits their harmful effects. This is the concept of pest control adopted by private companies holding work licenses from government agencies, and We in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain hold this license from the Abu Dhabi Municipality and adopt scientific methods as a means of control, taking into account the development in methods of resistance and its methods and the latest types of pesticides used.

* Pest control depends on great efforts made by chemists, entomologists, bio-resistance scientists and companies specialized in control. Theoretical, taking into account the educational dimension of service applicants when communicating with them to implement pest control operations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, where we work to ensure the continuity of the service and with its development every period according to the developments of this type of services provided to the public in order to protect natural resources and protect people and their services. Our motto: Experience is the basis "We have been working for more than 15 years

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