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pest control service

pest control service

*Believe it or not!! Globally 1,900 species of insects are consumed as insect food for about a quarter of the human population, as their cans feed 2 billion people, with beetles 31% and wasps 14%, and this is based on research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in partnership with the University of Dutch Jenningen, and for your information, this new study has proven that some types of insects may be beneficial because of its high content and great nutritional value similar to beef.

* It has also been proven that many insects suitable for human food possess high amounts of protein, fat, calcium, iron and zinc. For example, beef contains 6 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of dry weight, while the iron content of locusts ranges between 8 to 20 milligrams per 100 grams of Dry weight, insects are among the major resources readily available in forests as a protein-rich food source.

* The researchers (Miz Vaughan of the Xercis Society of the Invertebrate Conservation Society) and (John Luzi of Cornella University) see in a study published in the journal (Bio Science) that $57 billion is the value of services rendered by wild insects to serve the economic operations of insects. Operations carried out by insects for the benefit of humans: 1- Elimination of waste.

2- Controlling pests and parasites that harm agricultural crops.

3- Plant pollination.

4- Feeding wild animals such as birds. All this with the exclusion of raising insects on farms such as bees, but if the services of bees and others are estimated, the number of $ 57 billion will rise to hundreds of billions of dollars, but the most contributions of insects are certainly their role as food for birds, wild animals and fish.

* It should be noted that wild insects save farmers with secondary losses of about 4.5 billion dollars when they eat parasites harmful to various crops. In addition, $3 billion is added to this. Because insects pollinate many fruit and vegetable trees, and the most contributions made by litter beetles are estimated at about $380 million, the parasites of flies are removed from cow dung, which saves a high-fat herd from infection.

*With all these benefits, there are more than 140 types of insects that harm the person in his body and his property, such as gardens, farms, parks, homes, horse stables, bird sheds, etc., and for this, insects must be controlled through specialists in pest control companies, and as a company Specialized in pest control, we provide pest control service to the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain at all levels of service that take into account sound scientific standards in providing the best pest control service. For several years, we have taken into account the latest standards and specifications provided in the field of pest control.

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