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Exploration of public health insects is the mainstay of our business

Integrated management that is part of public health pest control and insect control.

The main features of the integrated control plan for public health insects are:

Rely on the exploration of public health insects before starting the control; Whether

This is for the larval stage or the adult stage of any insect in order to know the locations of the breeding sites and their distribution

Geographical work within the scope of work to treat them by appropriate methods and thus determine the active foci and place

Plans and divide the numbers of appropriate teams for each region.

Exploring public health pests is defined as “working on a continuous survey to identify

The locations of the presence and breeding of insects "because these sites change from time to time

So that the identification of these sites is the basis for the control work, as it is started in

Insect control work.

The purpose of the exploration and monitoring of insects

Knowing the breeding places for each public health insect

Knowing the favorite places for each type of disease-carrying insects

- Ecology study of the target insects (study of breeding places and rest times - seasonal spread - activity - style and feeding method - flight range)

Directing pest control work to the right destination to achieve the required effectiveness, such as determining the number of teams and distributing them in each area according to the presence and density of the insect.

Periodically measuring the densities of insects and linking them to disease indicators in order to avoid the occurrence of any epidemics or diseases

Make good preparation for the breeding seasons of insects to prevent their spread

- Conduct sensitivity tests for the proposed pesticides for these insects before securing them and using them on the target insects.

Future predictions of insect density

- Evaluation of pest control work

Why do we detect and monitor insects

The process of discovering and monitoring insects consists in searching for these insects, collecting samples of them and recording special information about them in terms of (density - climatic factors such as temperature, humidity and wind - geographical factors such as location coordinates - physical factors such as the nature of the site) which affect their presence and reproduction in a place or a specific area and thus the uses of insect detection and monitoring can be determined

Public health is as follows:

• Develop appropriate control program plans at the level of each insect or phase.

• directing control operations in the right direction.

• Evaluating the effectiveness of control programs.

The process of exploration and preliminary survey of insects is carried out before starting operations

The struggle to identify the size and nature of the problem through a continuous study

It includes different seasons during the year.

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