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* Can insects be classified on the basis of their location, for example, about insects that live in homes, household insects, and about insects that live in the farm, farm insects, and so on, barn insects and others?! _ Yes, this classification can be taken for the following reasons:

1_ This is to determine the geographical and climatic environment in which specific types of insects live

2_ By knowing the type of geographic and climatic environment, it is possible to determine the physical characteristics of insects, determine the ways to combat them if they are harmful, and ways to obtain their benefits if they are beneficial, and determine the types of pesticides that are suitable for combating those insects.

3_ Alert those who live in these environments to ways to protect and prevent the damages of these insects, or ways to obtain benefits from those insects if they are beneficial.

4_ Determining how to multiply the benefits of these insects and how to take care of them 5_ Determining how to reduce, reduce or exterminate harmful species.

* This article is concerned with only one type, which is household insects, and of course they are the insects that live with people in the middle of villages and cities with all their different buildings and facilities such as homes, factories and companies, and they are different types: crawling insects, flying insects, biting insects, insects, poisonous insects and others, It should be noted that there are reasons for the appearance of domestic insects in different rooms of the building, some of which people ask about and some of which people do not ask about. Knowing the reasons is the first way to know how to combat domestic insects. These reasons are summarized in the following:

1_ The presence of holes, gaps and holes in the roofs of houses

2_ There are holes in doors and windows that are neglected to repair

3- Leaving doors and windows open, allowing insects to enter the house and build nests in it; And even multiplying in great numbers

4_ Failure to keep kitchens clean regularly, which results in some foods rotting, which attracts insects to enter the kitchen and roam around the house

5_ The presence of damp areas in the house, whether in the kitchen or others, suitable as living places for some types of insects, where all parts of the house or building must be dry

6_ Not maintaining the cleanliness of the house or building from the outside, and only internal cleanliness.

* Of course, the most popular types of domestic insects are:

1_ Bed bugs: They are a small insect. But it can be seen with the naked eye, and it feeds on human blood as it penetrates his clothes or is found between the folds of clothes and penetrates the human skin to search for blood vessels, and then injects the area it reached with an anticoagulant drug, i.e. freezing or clotting, for two reasons: the first is to benefit from the fluidity of the blood as you drink it, and the second is so as not to The patient feels the presence of the insect while it sucks blood, uses its mouth to suck and hides when eating its meal, and for information, it does not live in clothes only, but is present in all home textiles such as covers, mattresses, pillows, rugs, floors and other textiles Bed bugs, despite their interest in textiles, prefer to hide in small holes and cracks in wooden furniture. They are a crawling insect that cannot jump or fly; It is characterized by its brown color, which becomes dark after it is filled with the blood that it drank from the human being

* 2_ Ants Although ants do not transmit diseases to humans, their presence in large or small numbers is annoying to the most remote. It mainly exists in large numbers because it is a social insect that lives in colonies and does not live in individual cases; It also moves in regular delights in the form of swarms or groups to reach food sources and the best places for it are the home, building or facility in the kitchens and food cupboards, and preferably from foods all kinds of sweets, sugars and starches from baked goods because they contain percentages of sugar

3_ Termites: It differs from ordinary ants in many details, as it is a destructive insect, as it feeds on home furniture made of wood for 24 hours, and the effects of destruction appear quickly, which necessitates dealing with humans as soon as the destructive effects appear in the way: “I eat with it; before I lunches you."

*4_ Cockroaches: The presence of cockroaches in the house is one of the problems that need to be solved very quickly, because they transmit dangerous diseases to humans due to viruses and bacteria that they carry on their bodies, as they contaminate surfaces and foods with pathogenic microbes. Among the serious diseases caused by cockroaches: amoebic dysentery or dysentery, and polio And allergies, and cockroaches as a defensive means have the ability to adapt and survive in all conditions, as they have the ability to hide like other insects in cracks and crevices and only appear when searching for food.

5_ Flies: Insects that have one pair of wings, meaning that they are flying insects and enter homes through windows and open doors, in addition to being attracted to waste, i.e. garbage and sewage odors. And some types of flies bite humans and cause him to itch in the place of the bite, in addition to the unhealthy appearance that the house in which the flies breed.

* 6_ Bees: Some types of bees are harmful, not all types of bees are beneficial, and these harmful types, if they are found in the house or garden, indicate the presence of a useful beehive nearby. someone approaching him; Therefore, safeguard measures must be taken to get rid of these escaping, non-habitating, or stray bees; Hence the harm

7_ Spiders: According to entomology, there are now 40,000 species of spiders around the world, but these spiders feed on harmful insects. Hence, they are a useful household insect, and they do not have much development in their shape. In young spiders, they look like large spiders, and the difference between them is only in size. And what we mentioned here from the previous insects are some of them Insects are domesticated and there are others as well, and any of them are harmful; It must be combated using modern scientific methods known, which is done through our company for pest control, which is based in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

* It is worth knowing about some of the means and ways to combat crawling, flying, rodent and poisonous domestic insects in general. The easy ways to prevent and get rid of insects are:

1_ Using peppermint oil: which is a natural repellent for household insects such as ants and mosquitoes, and at the same time gives the house a fragrant natural smell, as it mixes between 10 to 15 drops added to about 225 grams of water, then the mixture is sprayed inside and outside the house

2_ Using neem oil, as this type of oil eliminates more than 200 types of insects without harm to humans, plants, or any animals in the house or garden. It is used diluted with water and sprayed on indoor plants around the house and inside the house.

3_ Keep the house clean by getting rid of waste, whether dry or liquid, on a daily basis and not leaving it at home

4_ Get rid of any moisture in the house by repairing any water leakage from pipes or faucets, while operating a device called a dehumidifier continuously.

5_ Keeping the kitchen clean all the time: Food leftovers such as bread and biscuits should not be left, making sure that the food leftovers are in tightly closed containers, with interest in cleaning the kitchen floor.

*Reading this article carefully and comprehending it calmly and without belittling, and applying the advice contained in it by entomologists, which our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is keen to benefit from their expertise, the experiences of the inventors and manufacturers of insecticides, and the developers of methods of getting rid of insects as well as the experiences of our customers, prompts us All of these experiences and others lead to the constant updating in the ways we deal with domestic insects among the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain through the strategies of training specialists and training them in practice, and keenness to master all the details of the pest control process, which is our permanent approach to providing pest control services, which includes protection, prevention and elimination of insects Cleaning and disinfection.

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