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pest control company

There are two great kingdoms on the surface of the earth with which biologists or biologists deal, and these two kingdoms are the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom is concerned with the study of its sects, people, ranks, genera, and types so-called animal sciences, while it is concerned with the study of insects entomology, which is a branch of animal sciences. The expansion and expansion of entomology and it became also the sciences of insects, including ant science, bee science, forensic entomology, economic or applied entomology and many other sciences.

* Insects belong to the family of arthropods, i.e. the articulated foot with parts, and these organisms called insects constitute more than half of the living animal and plant organisms in the whole world, so that the insects that gather in two square miles equal the number of human inhabitants of the earth and known from these insects so far more than one And half a million species and the most important characteristics of insects:

1- The body has three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen

2- As for the legs, they are distributed on the left and right sides of the insect

3- Of course it does not have a backbone because it is an invertebrate

4- It has antennae

5- It has a pair of compound eyes that differ in the shape of the mouth

6- She has a digestive and reproductive system

7- Her eggs can withstand harsh weather conditions

8- Some types of insects have the property of self-lighting, where they are able to generate light for mating, obtaining prey or others

9- Its life cycle is short, which causes an increase in its numbers, which poses a danger to humans, animals and birds if insects are of a harmful type, i.e. pests that harm agricultural crops or stored grains and the human body itself.

* Applied or economic entomologists are preoccupied with how to control insects, so they accurately determine their damage, and work to produce the most effective insecticides and develop them over time to combat insects, and they devise ways to use chemical pesticides, biological control methods, and ways to get rid of chemical effects after spraying pesticides so as not to harm humans, especially children. and workers in the field of animal and plant service or workers in horse stables and animal pens.

* Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain always takes into account safety and security conditions when providing its services to the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in order to provide the best service according to the specifications and standards that correspond to our possession of a license from the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Municipality in the field of pest control.

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