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pest control by pesticides in Abu Dhabi

Chemical control is the method in which chemicals containing varying proportions of toxins are used called insecticides, and people resort to it when natural means do not succeed in combating insects or reducing their impact.

Insecticide is a substance or compound that is used to repel, exterminate or reduce the harm of insects, and pest control with pesticides is an effective method in the situation of excessive reproduction of the insect, and many expect the effectiveness of this method because its impact is greater and its effectiveness is direct and rapid on insects, and it is correct that insecticides must be used In the fight against insects, except when urgently necessary, because of the effect of these pesticides on the natural imbalance between the insect and its competitors, and also because of the complex effects of pesticides, including the toxicity of pesticides to plants, animals and humans, not to mention the high cost of using pesticides and the possibilities of resistance of some insects to the pesticide.

Advantages of using insecticides in pest control:

1. Effective effect on insects.

2. Fast and noticeable results.

3. The pesticide leads to a significant reduction in the number of insects in a short time.

4. Multiple methods of preparation and use of pesticides.

5. Cost savings compared to results.

Disadvantages of using insecticides in pest control.

1. The possibility of the emergence of resistance from the insect to the pesticide.

2. upsetting the ecological balance.

3. Health damages that may be caused to people who handle or use pesticides.

4. Pollution of soil, water and air.

Integrated pest management:

Due to the increase in the use of insecticides in pest control, major problems have emerged that led to the development of programs that combine two or more non-chemical control methods with the use of insecticides, which is what is called integrated pest management.

Criteria for the success of the integrated pest control program:

1. A comprehensive study of the target insect.

2. Knowing the critical level of insect infestation at which pesticides should be used.

3. It is preferable to use specialized insecticides in the lowest possible dose and to choose the best time to implement chemical control.

4. Reduce the use of pesticides as much as possible.

5. Expand the use of baits, traps and traps in pest control.

6. Diversification between natural methods, non-chemical methods and chemical methods.

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