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Someone may surprise you by saying: Why do we fight insects and deprive them of life?

that God gave her?

Here you will be surprised by his observation and question; This is because man was created by God

By nature, you see the necessity of getting rid of everything that is harmful, and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “There is no harm, no harm.” As soon as you inform him of that answer, he responds forcefully: but insects are among them that are beneficial, and here you must surprise him.

Quick response: The fight against insects is for the harmful ones, and harmful insects are what are called “domestic insects”, all of which are certainly harmful. So I had to fight it.

- Just as the scholars developed a science that they called: “The Science of Entomology”, they also developed what they called: “pest control”, and they mentioned

There are many ways to combat this, including:

Chemical control of household insects

Through insecticides using technical techniques, provided by specialized companies in Al Ain .

- Mazaya Pest Control Company in Al Ain has taken it upon itself to provide the best service

To its audience in the field of combating insects that may be present in homes, companies, factories and various institutions and buildings, which cause constant disturbance to the residents and visitors of those places, and cause them direct damage as well.

Providing the best pest control service is represented in the following axes:

First: Using the latest findings from the science of pest control that are effective in eliminating these insects

annoying and harmful.

Second: Employing trained and experienced technicians on the best techniques related to the performance of this role.

Third: Providing facilities for prompt and accurate access to the service.

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