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Safe use of pesticides and its precautions

The importance of proper and safe application of pesticides in pest control in Abu Dhabi. Proper application is the key to success in using pesticides safely and effectively. Simply, the good application process is in which the insecticide is delivered to the target surface in an appropriate quantity and manner to achieve the best results with the lowest costs and the least amount of undesirable damage to the environment and those in charge of the application. Therefore, the information related to the selection of the insecticide to control insects, the appropriate preparation and the appropriate machine, and its proper use and following Protection methods to avoid exposure to the insecticide and adherence to periods of caution and prohibition are among the necessary requirements that each user of insecticides must understand before applying.

Choosing the right pesticide to control insects in Abu Dhabi

Good selection of the pesticide in pest control is one of the most important factors for obtaining good control. The choice of the insecticide is preceded by the definition and characterization of the pest to be combated and its relationship to the host and other existing and accompanying organisms. Insect control should be carried out if the benefit is tangible, that is, when the infestation reaches a critical point at which the control is feasible. The recommended concentration in pest control must be adhered to and not increased or decreased to avoid problems. The appropriate application method must be chosen and ensure that it is free of defects, and it must be calibrated before spraying. The validity time and prohibition periods must be taken into consideration.

Choosing the right preparation

The insecticide is present in several forms or commercial preparations. It is preferable to use preparations with a residual effect for a long time, as it is difficult for the insect to come into contact with the pesticide during application. It is also possible to use oily preparations on porous surfaces because they have the ability to penetrate through them, and commercial preparations differ in terms of safety, as we find, for example, granules that are safer than spray materials and dusting powders, as they do not drift when applied. Also, the necessary quantity of fertilizer must be calculated, and enough must be purchased to perform the work or to cover the area to be sprayed, in order to avoid storage problems or to get rid of excess quantities.

Mixing pesticides and pesticides

Insecticides are mixed in order to increase their effectiveness against an insect or to combat more than one insect at a time. This leads to reducing time and costs and reducing damage, but there are some problems that may result from the mixing process, so the success of the mixing process depends on:

1. Mixture spray timing compatibility

2. Natural and chemical compatibility where one component of the mixture does not affect the terminating properties of the other component

3. Compatibility in the volume of the spray solution.

4. The mixture should be suitable for the places where insects are to be controlled.

5. Not to increase the levels of pesticides.

6. The mixture should not be left in a container or spray tank for a long time.

Precautions for storing insecticides in Abu Dhabi

The purpose of storing insecticides is to keep them in a sound form by keeping them away from what exposes them to damage and corruption during storage. It also aims to isolate them from causing harmful effects to humans, animals, plants, soil and other elements of the environment.

Good storage of pesticides protects public health and preserves the environment from pollution. It also maintains the validity of these pesticides during the storage period. Therefore, a number of conditions and precautions must be strictly adhered to when storing them, and those who deal with these chemicals must be fully aware of their danger, and these conditions include

1. It is preferable that the pesticide store be - a separate building or in an isolated room, provided that it is well ventilated and equipped with an air conditioner.

2. Pesticides shall be stored in their original containers while preserving their information label in the same places on the original packages without destruction or alteration. It is never permissible to store pesticides in containers used for songs or drinks, whatever the justifications.

3. The pesticide should be tightly closed and the container itself should be in the upright position and opened upwards while not in use

4. Containers containing liquid pesticides should be stored on shelves slightly above the floor

5. Take care to check the stored pesticide containers periodically to ensure that there are no leaks or cracks in them to avoid loss and contamination.

6. Do not store large quantities of unneeded pesticides for a long time

7. It is not permissible to store pesticides in one space with agricultural products, food products or animal feed materials.

8. External warning signs shall be placed on the doors, walls and fireplaces of the dangerous chemical and pesticide storage building

9. The pit must be equipped with fire extinguishers, and it must also be equipped with an automatic system to warn when a fire occurs.

10. Do not put clothes, masks, drinks and food inside the pesticide store, because they may absorb some of their gases or fumes, or some of their powders may reach them, or they may get wet from spillage of some of them.

11. Availability of a nearby source of water and a sufficient quantity of soap and cleaning materials inside the store.

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