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Pest control Abu Dhabi

There are many wonders in the world of insects, including what scientists have known and recorded in their compilations of encyclopedias, books, specialized scientific journals, encyclopedias and various references, including what is under research, excavation and recording of scientific observations about the life of insects of every kind among themselves, and their relationship to other components The environment and the living organisms in it from plants and animals, and even from rocky components, water and others, as well as their relationship to man and his properties. And communication in this expanding world called the world of insects.

* It is difficult to define a linguistic system for the entire world of insects because it is very wide on the one hand and diverse even in one species, and the linguistic system or communication system is linked to ways of living and which are related to the place of living and this ultimately leads to the difference in the ways of communication and communication. * Scientists were able by experimentation and observation to achieve advanced results in knowing the language of communication between insects, which varied according to the type of each group of insects and the branches of other types.

1_ Bees: It was interesting to the observations of various people that bees gather in large numbers on the source of plant nectar after visiting one bee, until the scientist Professor (Von Frisch) was able, through his experiments, to prove that bees have a precise system in dealing with the way people deal; Rather, bees excel in many matters over human systems in distributing jobs and roles to the members of the bee kingdom and their cooperation, and this cooperation and distribution cannot be without the presence of a language between the bees with which they communicate inside and outside the hive, and since the members of the kingdom of bees are divided into workers or workers, and queens , males, and soldiers, all sharing the work among themselves as follows:

(a) The workers: looking for food, and if they find it, they return to the hive shaking and dancing involuntarily several dances that make the members of the hive know who danced this worker where the food is, and Professor von Frisch confirmed that the bees can distinguish four colors, which are yellow, green, blue and ultraviolet. The two dances that the workers perform are the circular dance, which means that the distance between the cell and the food source does not exceed 50 meters; As for the vibrating dance, it is in a straight line to announce an increase in the distance and then in a semi-circular movement with the movement of the lower part and rotation to the left and then the right with shaking the abdomen to suggest a short distance

(B) The males and soldiers understand all of this and all go to suck the nectar from the plants that the worker has determined her place and direction.

2- The fire bug: And here the understanding between the members of this insect is by light signals, where one individual flashes or flashes every 5.8 seconds from the male, so the female responds to the male’s signal with a light signal after two seconds and then mating takes place.

3- Ants: Since ants live in colonies called dens or burrows, this means that they are a social insect, so it is necessary to communicate between the individuals of each species and the other species, as the species exceeds 600 species, and the ants’ nests are made by themselves from sand or inside stone cracks, and here they grieve food and live his life; While communication between individuals is through the urge of the Levant and the urge of touch, the need for sight is weak in ants, and the reason for this is that the ants spend most of their lives in the darkness of the den that they build, and through the strong urge of smell to distinguish the smell of secretions _ Ants draw signs and signals on the road to guide the rest of the ants to walk the path that leads to food, and it should be noted that the signs drawn by ants are originally chemical substances secreted by glands located either in the ant’s head or in the anus, and some scientists, including them, were able Wilson, after a number of experiments on ants, proves that the gland called “dufour” in some species of ants secretes an alkaline substance with a distinctive odor, which it draws on the ground with a needle below the ant’s abdomen. Another ant, and then the ants continue to draw lines, and here the communication is chemical

* And when trying to clear the path drawn by the ants; And that is when a human being performs this survey, it is amazing that the ants are confused and confused, and here the ants are forced to use another means of communication between ants other than the chemical method, depending on the contact of each ant with the ant that precedes it, with the antennas located in the head or the pair of front legs, and the means of touching. This he also uses inside the den because of the extreme darkness, and on the other hand, the process of contact is useful in transferring food between two ants, one of them is hungry and the other has food; There are also other means of communication between ants, which are dances that mean discovering a source of food, just as what happens in the kingdom of bees.

* In general, it should be noted that insects hear and distinguish sound, as they make it, and the appearance of sounds is limited to male insects. As for the females, they do not have the ability to emit sound, and in general, the males of some insects emit musical tones such as those issued by the “hopper” male, and this sound is the result of rubbing its wings or jaws, and the human ear cannot hear these sounds. A "bug" named Cicada emits a sound resembling a drum through a circular membrane under the wings controlled by minute muscles, and an insect named "Kate's Dead" increases its song clips with increasing temperature, and insects not only make sounds for communication, but also use sounds to alert To take precautions from an upcoming danger, be prepared to pay it.

* And with all these wonders in the means of communication and communication between members of insects, and informing us of all these and other details that indicate the ability of the Creator Almighty; We must not be out of our minds that

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