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Pest control Abu Dhabi

* If we assume that we are 4 people discussing the benefits and harms of insects, and the first of us sees that there are many benefits and fewer harms, and the second believes that there are more harms and fewer benefits, and the third sees in them benefits and harms, the degrees of our Lord are close, and the fourth He was talking about a different topic, but he approached the topic of the benefits and harms of insects, as he had a lot of information about some beneficial and harmful insects at the same time, meaning that the insect brings benefits on one hand and harms on the other. About the benefits alone, and the second about the harms alone, and the two lists are lengthy with some details so that the reader can benefit as much as possible, and have an objective point of view so that it is not like the first of us, so the idea of ​​the many benefits and the few harms in them in the fight against insects overcomes him, and so that there is no Like the second, he will have many harms and few benefits, so he does not realize the importance of insects in the life of humans, animals, plants, the environment and human property. I want to make the topic of the fourth of us, which talks about double-benefit and harmful insects at the same time, in a separate upcoming article, and here we present the two lists, the list of benefits and the list of harms. * First the list of benefits:

1- Insects provide food: such as bees that produce honey, which has many benefits, including increasing the levels of antioxidants in the blood, which reduces the risk of atrophy, strengthens the immune system, and gives the body strength in muscles and bones. Honey is calming and nourishing. It fights fungi.

2- Some insects constitute food for billions of people in Africa and Asia, where they constitute a source of protein, vitamins and salts. Insects have been developed as an important, cheap and available food source to meet the population increase in many countries.

3- The poison of some insects such as spider and scorpion is used as an analgesic for chronic pain and muscle deficiency.

4- Obtaining natural silk fabrics, which come from the secretions of silkworms inside their cocoons.

5- Insects help in completing the process of pollination in the plant, as the flowers attract the insects that reach them, and the insects absorb the nectar of the flowers and attach to the male organs in the flowers and move them from one flower to another and the pollination process takes place.

6- Insects reduce the presence of pests harmful to agricultural crops, so a small beetle known as the ladybird feeds on aphids that are harmful to crops and plants such as the cotton crop.

7- There are insects that produce lacquer, and it is called the lac bug. It produces dyes and paints that are used in the manufacture of children's toys. Floor polishes, shoe polishes, printing inks, varnishes and insulation materials that prevent the passage of electric current are extracted from them.

8- An example of beneficial insects is the cochineal insect, which lives on the cactus plant and secretes a red dye from its body that is used in the manufacture of women's cosmetics, especially the colors used in the coloring of cakes, medicines and drinks.

9- There are so-called carpet insects, which are very small, feeding on anything organic, even grain. Museum technicians use them to clean the skeletons of mammals in museums.

10-Cockroaches and insect larvae can be used for fishing.

11- Beeswax is of great importance in many industries, as it is imported by many developed countries because it is considered a basic material in many ointments and the manufacture of wax that is lit with fire in different sizes, shapes and colors. Wax is also used in some cosmetics, moisturizers, paints, and red lips

12- The natural balance between living organisms depends on the activities carried out by insects as parasites or living organisms looking for prey, which helps to bring about a biological or biological balance.

13- Cleaning the environment, as many insects feed on the rotting remains of living organisms and rid the ecosystem of them, and the most famous of these insects are ants

14- Insects are food for other organisms, such as the flies that are eaten by the Dionysus plant or the croup of flies, and some birds and reptiles eat some insects to complete the food chain by creating a biological balance

15- Of the highest degrees of importance for insects in general for living organisms on the surface of planet Earth, and this is from God’s wisdom that human extinction does not harm the environment of living organisms unlike insects; The living beings of animals and plants begin to become extinct in the absence of insects, which represent the hidden force for the continuation of life, as they live everywhere on the planet; And it has the ability to exist in the most difficult climatic and environmental conditions.

Second, the list of damages

1_ Feeding on leaves, buds and fruits as cutworm and leafworm do

2_ Absorbing plant juices spoils the growth of the plant, as do the aphids, thrips, dubas and whitefly

3_ Some insects puncture plant stems and branches and make tunnels and pits, such as the fig stem borer, red palm weevil, and corn borers

4_ absorb human blood like mosquitoes and lice do

5_ Cause irritation in the human body and may reach a tumor and permanent itching in the skin with complications

6_ There are so-called “vectors” insects that transmit diseases to humans and animals as they carry disease germs on their bodies from the outside, such as flies that transmit typhoid and mosquitoes that transmit malaria

7_ Helps to transmit types of fungi, bacteria and viruses to humans, animals and plants

8_ They feed on the roots and green parts of the plant under the soil, such as the digger and the digger

9_ spoiling stored human clothes like a moth

10_ spoiling foods that are left uncovered on the containers that contain them

11_ Corruption of stored grains and stored seeds such as wheat, beans, corn and others through weevils

12_ Wood weevil spoils some wood over time. * Thus, some of the benefits of insects and some of the harms appear to us, and certainly specialists in the world of agriculture and the world of economy know some of these benefits and may extol them; While people know only a few of them, such as silkworm silk, bee wax and honey; As for the damage, most people realize it, and for this, the profession of pest control, pesticide factories, and inventions on how to eliminate harmful insects were established. Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain combats insects using modern scientific methods represented in two aspects: The theoretical side: Knowing and following up on scientific studies published in specialized journals about the damage they cause Insects, effective pesticides and methods used in the fight, as for the practical aspect: we in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain train technicians and workers on the experiences they gained through long experiences that have satisfied our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for many years

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