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In the world of insects, there are many insects that disturb and disturb human comfort and pose a threat to his life; While there are other beneficial insects such as bees and insects that are a major source of food, and therefore these are beneficial insects.

* In this article, we will talk about another aspect hidden from most people, which is what is called criminal entomology, and the roots of this science begin in China in 1235 AD, when a Chinese farmer was killed with a machete, a machine for cutting or harvesting weeds. Those who had sickles (ie, harvesting machines) put them on the ground, so the flying insects turned around the sickle used in the crime, which are blue flies, and the killer was arrested and interrogated. And he reveals his crime, as the blue flies can smell the stench of the dead that they fed on, and it was later proven that insects begin their life after the death of the living organism. Blue is known as house flies, and here forensic doctors determine the killing situation by determining the lifespan of the insect by knowing its type as a larva, worm or fly, as well as knowing the length and weight, i.e. the length and weight of the insect.

* The role played by blue flies in identifying the killer is played by beetles also, but in a different way, after the rotting of the corpse, as other insects lay eggs in the open places of the human body such as the nose, mouth and ear, and thus beetles are used in forensic medicine, as well as in identifying If the deceased contains a percentage of drugs in his body or not, if insects benefit in the field of forensic medicine in determining the date of the crime and determining the killer by being next to the killers, and there is another benefit other than determining the killer and the date of the crime in a new role, which is that it helps to know if he was The victim was tortured before his death or not, in cooperation between police teams, forensic doctors and prosecutors.

* Despite all these benefits in the field of forensic medicine, in which the benefits appear through the insects of blue flies and beetles; However, these two insects are among the insects harmful to humans and their agricultural crops and fruits, and from here it is necessary to combat insects harmful to humans and their property, and this is only done through companies specialized in this matter. Therefore, our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provides its triple services of prevention of damage Insects as one of the effective means of controlling insects, as well as dealing with insects if they exist and spread among our dear residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain if they are called to us, and then the third service, which is the disinfection and cleaning service after spraying chemical and other pesticides so that no one is harmed.

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