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pest control

* This article is based on information that is dealt with by various scientific circles specialized in the field of studying insects, Entomologv, with great interest based on expanding the study to a large extent in order to obtain greater economic benefits.

* The information is :- Entomologists discover every year between seven thousand to ten thousand species of amazing and amazing insects.

* Here comes the question: What does this information mean, or in another way, what are the benefits and harms that result from discovering these thousands every year, since insects, in terms of their feasibility, are either beneficial or harmful?

* Certainly, these insects can be divided into three groups in terms of their usefulness or usefulness:

Beneficial, harmful, beneficial and harmful at the same time.

* Since we are a pest control company, we will only talk about the harmful side

Only and specifically about insects in the house, ie, in the form of pest control in the home. .

* We answer the question posed, that it will result in the discovery of new types of harmful household insects, and the circle of damage will expand, and with it, the pest control department in the house will expand.

* Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain controls insects at home, which are of various types and their damage increases.

Domestic insects harm our clothes, food, furniture, and our bodies, which requires pest control at home. We have prepared trained work teams, and special devices and tools for pest control at home in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, as well as combating other animals such as mice, taking into account the principle:

“Paying harm takes precedence over bringing benefit” if there is a benefit in some of them, and our path will continue, with God’s help, in controlling insects at home in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been operating for more than 15 years.

best pest control company

* A number of pest control companies are spread in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; But the best of them are those that follow a number of criteria that are mentioned in this regard, and by convention constitute a professional code of conduct for the profession’s people, in addition to the opinions of the dealing public of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain residents who receive pest control services.

* We present to you these criteria on two axes

One of them is related to pest control companies and their employees.

The second: the audience who receives the service.

* The focus of companies and their employees:

• Using the latest pesticides, chemical and biological materials used in most countries concerned with pest control.

• Permanent training for workers in the profession in theory by informing them of the latest studies and periodicals, and in practice on the latest performance methods in dealing with harmful insects.

• Commitment to the best standards of dealing with the public of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain residents of honesty, integrity, punctuality, professional competence and work ethics.

* Customer audience focus:

• Repeatedly calling the same companies to perform the tasks of prevention, treatment, cleaning and disinfection, which indicates confidence in the company's performance.

• The large turnout of the public from the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which appears from the company's data and records

* And because our company's slogan since day one: "Experience is the basis"; We have taken the pledge to ourselves, to put it into practice, and some may ask: How do you have experience when you are at the beginning of work?

The answer is simple: because we have theoretical work experience by virtue of practical and theoretical studies in specialized colleges, as well as working with others before establishing our company.

Thus, through the aforementioned criteria, the best pest control company seems to be the one that takes into account the best standards related to professional performance, in addition to good dealing with customers and providing pest control service with customer satisfaction, while making sure to present a small paper that is considered a survey of two questions, the first of which is:

Was a good service provided to you?

Second: Can we be considered the best pest control company, or do we still need strengthening?

* Thus, the best pest control company appears in the spotlight to be judged by scientific standards.

insects spray

* If there are insects that are beneficial and beneficial to humans, such as bees; Certainly, there are so many harmful insects that people must fight and resist them. Rather, the intense desire to exterminate it and get rid of it

* Insects are more frequent in the spring and summer, as they are found in the fall and winter, albeit to a lesser degree. Here we advise our customers, as well as those wishing to get rid of harmful and harmful insects, to take advantage of the fall and winter seasons to carry out operations to prevent insect damage, whose visits begin as an unwelcome heavy guest. Spring and summer. .

* The most capable and most capable of carrying out prevention operations, as well as treatment, are the pest control companies, and their work teams, where specialization and knowledge of ways to deal with insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc., and this is done through trained specialists with long experience.

* There are many ways to control insects

Including spraying pesticides.

- Insect spraying: It is a process that some people think is easy, and it is no more than holding a device or machine that sprays the chemical liquid that kills the insect and pressing a button, and the substance or liquid used in extermination is released.

* The spraying of insects in order to achieve the best desired result for the exclusion of insects depends on scientific knowledge first and training in spraying methods according to controls to achieve the result that we talked about a while ago.

- First: The type of insect to be eliminated must be determined using the appropriate insect spray technique, in order to determine the type of appropriate chemicals or biocides that are best in getting rid of the insect.

Second: Determining the devices or machines that must be used and choosing the appropriate method of spraying insects, whether dry or liquid methods, through mechanical or manual devices or others.

* The provision of the insect spray service to the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, required our company to follow the latest methods of insect spraying according to scientific studies published in specialized refereed journals and on specialized websites

So that we offer the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain what raises our value to them and offers them what they are satisfied with objectively and without complacency,

A pest control company licensed and approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality

There is no doubt that countries that seek development and progress and the survival of their entity preserved in appreciation and respect, make all of this

It is done through legal frameworks in all the details of the state administration.

Whereas, the United Arab Emirates is one of the highly developed and ever-developing countries; It was the order of licensing each activity in the frameworks that take into account the controls of the management of any activity that interacts with the public and their right to obtain their services in accordance with the specifications in force in every matter.

Since the beginning of our company’s activity in pest control, we have contacted the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Municipality to obtain the establishment and establishment of a pest control company licensed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality, taking into account all work regulations.

Which are approved by law and determined by the principles and rules of work to gain the confidence of the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain since the first day of the activity of a pest control company.

We have started our work by applying the broad lines we have set outlining the work strategy and policies for dealing with the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and meeting their needs in light of the applicable assets of the activity of a pest control company licensed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Since the first day of the company’s activity and the start of providing its services to the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain from the people of the country, residents, companies, institutions and others, we have committed to presenting our slogan “Experience is the basis” applied on the ground, and based on our previous experiences before practicing the activity in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain ..

Pest control in the kitchen

The kitchen often expresses the cultural, economic and social level of the people of the dwelling, and therefore

It needs to be taken care of when designing or selecting it, and when installing it. In addition to taking care of his hygiene at all times

and its maintenance.

And by virtue of our company’s work in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and by virtue of our dealings with many residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; We feel the extent of their interest in the affairs of their housing, which makes us decide with confidence and comfort that the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain prefer the finest

And the best types of care for their homes, of which the kitchen is one of the most important pillars.

In our company's dealings with pest control in the kitchen, we have adopted a policy of kitchen care on two axes:

Prevention and treatment:

_ protection :

We carry out processing, spraying and other operations to ensure that household insects do not reach them.

_ treatment :

We use our chemical and biological pesticides to control insects in the kitchen to eliminate household insects, and then clean and disinfect after eliminating and getting rid of insects.

Prevention and treatment operations are carried out using the latest techniques to combat kitchen insects, and through the use of technicians and specialists working for our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and they are qualified and trained at the highest level of proficiency under the slogan "Experience is the basis", with more than 15 years of experience.

* It remains to be known: Why do insects resort to kitchens more than they resort to the rest of the rooms of the house?

And the answer:

- The availability of food, leftovers, garbage or mold as a result of being away from home and leaving food uncovered.

- Because of setting fires to sites or stoves, the kitchen is the warmest place in the house, especially on cold days for some insects.

- Availability of places that are far away or difficult for the hands of the people of the house to reach in the kitchen wood, alumetal, marble and other kitchen components

pest control service

- The pest control service requires the availability of a number of elements to provide a service at a high level of quality, as follows:

* Provides study and experienced personnel in insect sciences and control sciences

Insects are technicians and specialists, graduates of universities and higher and technical institutes in the same specialty.

* Provides high-level training in theory and practice for technicians who provide pest control service.

* Careful follow-up of all developments globally, regionally and locally in the field of pest control service, and the implementation of

Relevant medical protocols.

- In our company in Abu Dhabi, we are very keen to provide the previous elements in the field of pest control service; Rather, we are keen to renew in all the details related to the daily work, to provide pest control service to our valued customers from Abu Dhabi residents in a distinguished manner.

* In addition to all of the above, we are interested in providing pest control service to the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain easily and conveniently by quickly moving immediately upon requesting the service

Insect extermination

It should be known, that not all insects are harmful; Rather, there are beneficial ones, such as bees and some insects of agricultural soil that are beneficial to plants. As for harmful insects, they are what is called (pests), and they harm humans, animals and plants alike. Hence, the concepts of returning and eliminating insects, getting rid of insects, killing insects and others arose.

In the language, extermination means a final judgment, at least within the scope of the injury; Whereas in entomology it means not only the elimination of members of the insect species such as cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, weevils, mosquitoes, bugs and others; Rather, it also eliminates its eggs and the nests that contain any of the remains or requirements of the insect

And in order not to exaggerate the ability to eradicate individuals of an insect or some insects in a building, a house, or the like; We announce through our company located in the city of (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) that we will completely exterminate pests or harmful insects in the place during the season in which they are present until the next year.

Our feeling of responsibility for the extermination of insects in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) makes us interested in following up on the latest scientific studies in the field of insect extermination and prompting our specialists to communicate with the scientific research bodies to follow up on all new in the field.

Insect extermination

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