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* Insects can be divided in terms of benefit and harm into: beneficial and harmful, combining benefit and harm. It is beneficial: we find bees that have multiple benefits or benefits, such as honey and candles, and silkworms that give silk. _ Among the harmful: fleas that transmit diseases such as: plague and typhus. . It is the combination of benefit and harm locusts: which are a food source for many peoples, and at the same time can devour large areas of tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of acres and hectares of agricultural crops in contiguous ranges of agricultural land Insects can also be divided according to their presence into: Extinct: where millions of species disappeared millions of years ago, and scientists knew that from the effects printed on some precious stones, such as amber. _ is currently in existence; They are said to be known or described, and there are approximately one and a half million species. _ What will be known in the future: Some scholars estimate it by several millions more.

* It is known that insects represent the largest group of living organisms on the surface of the earth more than humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects with a huge difference in the number of insect species,; And because it is the object that has the most contact with man, it has been divided for him into beneficial and harmful and combines benefit and harm, as it is divided in terms of movement into: creeping and flying.

* And many may not know that about a quarter of the earth’s population eats 1900 species of insects that feed on them. This quarter of the earth’s population, that is, nearly two billion people feed on 1900 species of insects, and we will dedicate a separate article on insects as a food source for humans.

* All this does not make us forget that there has been a declared conflict between man and insects since man appeared on the surface of this planet, and by the way, he is the last creature to appear on this planet; While insects appeared 435 million years before it, and this conflict is behind the term insect control.

* We are a company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to control insects whose role is determined in killing, exterminating and eliminating insects We provide them with prevention, extermination, disinfection and cleaning services under a license from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Municipality for pest control.

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