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The relationship between humans and pests, including insects, has two sides, one of which is dark because of the damage and inconvenience it causes to man and his property, and the other side is bright because of the benefit it causes to man. And the damage caused by health pests to humans makes him unable to perform his work to the fullest, as the sick person is unable to give compared to the healthy human being, and then this is reflected in the national economy. The same thing happens with livestock and poultry, whose growth, reproduction and production rates are linked to a degree directly in terms of her health. The role that insects play in transmitting the causes of many serious diseases such as malaria, rift valley fever, yellow fever, typhoid, eye diseases, skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and malignant diseases should not be forgotten. The insect may transmit the pathogen mechanically, such as flies, or by feeding on blood, such as female mosquitoes. Among the pathogens transmitted by insects are bacteria, viruses and protozoa. In order to determine the method and method of successful control of health pests, including insect control, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the insect and the organism and the cause of the disease on the one hand, and the relationship between it and the human being on the other. In order to accurately determine the method of successful control of insects, it is necessary to know their life, feeding, environment, behavior, method of transmission of disease, insect life cycle, number of insect generations and other basic information that greatly contribute to determining effective insect prevention and control methods. Pest control, including insect control, means working to reduce the damage caused by the insect or pest by removing it or preventing its access to the host or by creating conditions unsuitable for its reproduction or execution. Their reproduction in order to work as much as possible on the absence of these conditions in the surrounding environment so that the extermination of the insect can be carried out while it is in its weakest phase, so that pest control is practical and adequate for the purpose. In addition, accurate knowledge of the conditions suitable for the life of the insect paves the way for the possibility of predicting the extent of the infection in the future, and then we can take the necessary measures and preparations to combat insects at the appropriate time. If you are looking for a reliable, certified and licensed pest control company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, contact Mazaya Pest Control.

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