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Mosquitoes control

Mosquitoes control

* The most prevalent insects, and they live in most environments, and specifically choose to live in places that contain unclean water often, and therefore choose to live next to water tanks, air conditioners and kitchens, and they are found in villages and cities alike. Arabic Mosquito, with other local names

* Many believe that both male and female mosquitoes bite humans; But the scientific fact confirms that the female is bitten because she needs human blood, as she uses it to ripen the eggs, which hatch later to give individual males and females; While the male feeds on plant sap and flower nectar..

* Female mosquitoes have a piercing, sucking tongue that penetrates the skin of humans, animals and birds, and causes diseases to humans: malaria, and filariae, i.e. elephantiasis, and the most prominent symptoms of which are swelling and enlargement of the legs. For all this, mosquitoes bite repeatedly, which causes distress to humans, especially children, and repeated bites may lead to disease in late times after failure in the first times.

* Mosquito bites also cause the formation of red spots on the skin that provoke successive itching, which in turn leads to complications that weaken the affected areas and create an environment conducive to infection with skin diseases in the future.

* Some resist mosquito attacks, which are abundant in summer and in warm parts, by spraying some pesticides that

Some may be effective; But it is the temporary efficacy of one night, forgetting the necessity of a thorough cleaning of the house and its annexes such as gardens, external rooms, storerooms, abandoned rooms and so on.

* Here, preventive and curative intervention is required to ensure the availability of the greatest amount of veterinary care, the longest time of rest and a sense of safety in the absence of harmful and annoying mosquitoes, through the availability of mosquito control teams through our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which has sufficient experience to combat mosquitoes, an experience that extends beyond More than 15 years in the field of pest control, using wider and more ready technologies, and through qualified trainees, who provided their experiences to the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the field of controlling mosquitoes and other harmful insects. "

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