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Lizard control | Anti house Gecko

Anti Gecko (Lizard control)

* If you asked thousands of people, even millions of them, about the gecko or lizard and its danger to humans, you would find that the majority of them do not know the danger or harm specifically; Rather, you will find from them hatred for this lizard from the lizards, and this hatred is circulated among many peoples for this animal.

* (Gecko) or lizard, the plural of the gecko, the grebe, or the datoura is a scaly animal. The lengths of all its 1,500 species range from 1.6 to 60 centimeters. It feeds on mosquitoes and flies. It lives in warm regions of all continents of the world. It is active at night and sleeps. day, except rarely.

* So far, we have not talked about its danger, and it lies in the fact that it is a poisonous animal and its poison appears in a true story that occurred in one of the Arab countries, where he left exposed food and one of the bries fell into it and the people of the house ate without knowing the incident. Salmonella in the intestines of the deceased all, and of course it is etiquette with food to cover it after eating some of it.

* Touching the body of a gecko can cause the salmonella microbe to be transferred to the human body, which may cause his death after infection with accelerating symptoms such as abdominal tremors, headaches in the head, diarrhea, blood contamination of stool and others.

* The gecko or lizard has the ability to self-fission, that is, it can give up part of its body, and it will grow later. The most famous in the process of fission is the cutting of the gecko's tail, which will be renewed later, and gecko or lizard can call each other using a chirping or hissing sound and they have intelligence that can From hiding and then appearing

* The specialists in combating gecko or lizard control in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, when providing a service based on scientific study and practical training, take good care of the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Population Department. They explain to our clients to protect them from this organism in addition to providing prevention and treatment service with advice and guidance in appreciation of our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain And in the hope that God will be pleased with the work we do to serve these residents

* Combating gecko or lizard control requires the presence of specialized collective work teams trained on the principle of prevention and treatment in a fully scientific manner, and do not leave the efforts of individuals in their homes so that the danger does not exacerbate, as you are in front of a smart enemy, a gecko or lizard. Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years

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