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lice control

lice control

* Many are disturbed by the presence of lice in clothes or on the head or on the neck of any person and make those who see him stay away from him and it should be noted that this does not mean that a person, whether big or small, male or female, does not diminish his value or our idea of ​​him and is not considered He is not interested in his personal hygiene. Many people who enjoy good personal hygiene get lice, and the problem may recur when lice reappear after getting rid of them. The presence of lice in itself is the disease itself, and it is not dangerous if it is found in the hair of young or old people, their clothes, or on pillows and mattresses, but in In all cases, souls are frustrated by its presence, and the most famous historical incident that disturbed many when it was found in a million ways in the clothes, furniture and textiles of a country in the Mediterranean basin. It is usually found in the head, the back of the neck or above the ears. The skin inside the body, which is all irritating

* Common symptoms of lice appear as follows:

1-Itchy scalp or body lice

2- A feeling of tingling as a result of the movement of lice into the hair

3- Presence of lice themselves on the scalp, body, or clothing

4- The presence of lice eggs is the so-called nits on the hair strands, and sometimes it is difficult to see the eggs (that is, nits), while they appear clearly around the ears and the back of the neck. A distinction must be made between the dandruff of the scalp and lice nits, the latter do not fall except by using hair combs or a hairbrush

5- Presence of painful sores on the scalp, neck and shoulders

6- The presence of red bite marks, especially around the waist and upper thighs, and in all cases, this hateful insect and its eggs must be eliminated, i.e. lice must be combated

* Lice feed on human blood, and the female produces a sticky substance that binds the eggs firmly to the hair shaft, and her eggs hatch in a period ranging from 6 to 9 days. Playing, getting close to the family, using personal belongings stored in cupboards and cupboards, touching contaminated furniture, or lying on an unclean bed.

* It must be noted that it is difficult to prevent the spread of head lice among children, but it is necessary to constantly monitor the clothes and head of each child and his personal belongings or his bag. This disease can be treated with sound scientific methods, and the methods of treatment to combat lice were trained by our work teams in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and it has succeeded These methods are very much, as our extensive experience in the field of pest control made us look at the latest advances in the field of lice control, and the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain have given us great confidence in dealing where mixing inevitably occurs between children and boys. We are in the field of lice control specifically. We provide the service as soon as possible We know that the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are good customers who deserve to make every effort for them immediately, no matter where they live

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