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How to use insecticides

When the infestation of insects appears in the home or in the facilities, and after using the natural methods for controlling insects, which we call non-chemical methods, then the role of chemical methods in treating insects comes.

Chemical treatment is insecticides. Insecticides in Abu Dhabi come in many forms. Some of them are liquid pesticides, including solid baits, including powders, including capsules, including compressed gases.

Each insecticide contains an effective chemical and some other additives. Each active ingredient follows a specific chemical group. These chemical groups are classified in clear classifications. Insecticides are also classified in terms of use. There are agricultural pesticides and there are public health pesticides.

Each insecticide must have a registration and licensing certificate from the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, and the license number must be clear and recorded on the outer label of the pesticide, and each insecticide has a health and safety data certificate.

Before using any pesticide, you must read the label and the health and safety data certificate carefully, and all health and safety equipment and tools must be used, and there are some restricted insecticides that should only be used by pest control technicians in Abu Dhabi, so ban them and do not use them .

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