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How to get rid insects

Eliminate harmful insects * This is a set of facts about insects alone, and about the relationship of insects to humans, and the relationship of insects to the environment with all its components. We have collected and listed them for the sake of this reader and a dealer with pest control, extermination and eradication companies. We ask the reader and dealer in order to obtain a service that benefits him in his life; To keep this article written by the specialists in our company for the eradication of insects and our company headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, to preserve this article and to return to it time and time again to gather as much information about beneficial insects from them as to benefit from what he read, and the harmful to avoid these damages and to know how Benefit from the benefits and how to avoid harm with the help of our company, which is keen to educate its dealers by looking for accurate details about the world of insects. * We will list this set of facts about insects and their relationship to the environment and what plants, animals and humans live in, and some effects on the ecosystem, both positively and negatively: 1_ Insects in general are the oldest living organisms that appeared on the surface of the planet, where numerical estimates range according to different teams of scientists between 435 million years to 480 million years before human appearance 2_ Insects spread over a very large scale of the planet, where they are found in almost all environments except the frozen continent 3_ Insects are divided in terms of benefit and harm into beneficial insects, harmful insects, insects that combine benefit and harm, and peaceful insects that do not benefit from them and do no harm to others. 4_ Insects contribute to the arts in their beautiful forms, especially butterflies, which have wonderful colors that made many painters and other plastic artists interested in putting them in their paintings and artworks 5_ Environmental balance depends on the activities carried out by insects as parasites or as living organisms looking for their prey, or they are prey to others, which eventually causes the ecological balance to occur. 6_ One of the strangest and striking facts about insects and their relationship to humans is that if humans became extinct, there would be no negative impact on the environment, while if insects became extinct, life would disappear. 7_ Insects have the ability to exist in the most extreme and difficult climatic conditions 8_ Huge numbers of insects and thousands of species are threatened with extinction, and to the heartbreak of them are bees, for example, an insect like bees has catastrophic effects in its absence or extinction on humans, animals and plants 9_ Insects are food for other organisms that live in weeds and plants, that is, they are prey to organisms that live in this plant environment and other organisms such as birds and reptiles 10_ Many insects feed on the rotting remains of living organisms, as they get rid of the ecosystem and maintain the cleanliness of that system, such as ants, meaning that insects perform a cleaning function 11_ Among the tasks of insects in the plant world is to carry out the process of mutual pollination between plants 12_ Among the beneficial substances produced by insects are honey, beeswax and silkworm silk, while cockroaches and insect larvae are used as bait for catching fish. 13_ Insects have a great role in the world of medicine, where medicine can be extracted from some of them, even after a specific treatment carried out by specialists in laboratories. For example, spider and scorpion venom is used as a chronic pain reliever and treatment for muscle deficiency. 14 _ Insects in culture Insects represent the largest group of living organisms on the surface of the planet, as the known ones include between one and a half million, while what has not been discovered so far, according to scientists' estimates, may reach five million species. There are toxic types of insects that can be Its bite or sting leads to a shock that may lead to death or lead to death directly without shock. The most famous species in that is the black widow, a black-colored insect that bites the victim with poison, as well as there are poisonous insects such as fire ants and African bees 15_ Insects in terms of their place in the environment are either crawling or flying or digging in the ground to build homes for them and may resort to plant stems and tree branches 16_ Most insects live in swarms or groups and in one place for them, and those that live in swarms may reach ten million insects, which makes their impact great, while there are some insects that prefer to live alone 17_ It was possible to extract some antibiotics from some types of insects, such as what was extracted from beetles, as it was found that they treat pancreatic cancer, and spiders are extracted that treat angina, and ants’ saliva contains substances that help stimulate blood circulation, and fruit flies are extracted from substances that delay aging. 18_ The ancient peoples used insects in treatment, for example, the ancient Egyptians used the wasp to sting the place of the tumor in humans to remove congestion or reduce it by producing chemicals that contribute to weakening the symptoms of the disease 19_ In the Arab heritage, insect treatment has been used, ancient and modern, and one example is the female spider to treat the bites of those same insects on the method (and Downey, which was the disease) 20_ Eating some types of insects as food may be useful because it contains a high nutritional value, just like beef. The report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that about 2 billion people in the world from their daily meal include types of insects such as locusts and others, where 1900 species are consumed of insects worldwide * It remains to note that we may return to writing other articles that list a large number of other facts about insects and their relationship to the living creatures that live with them, how much we note that the damage of some insects must be avoided, and we in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provide an advanced pest eradication service Always while retaining quality workers and speedy service delivery.

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