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How do my house insects protect?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

To repel the attack of insects on the house, and prevent their entry, there are a set of precautionary measures that help you to protect against insects, especially in our environment in the Abu Dhabi region.

First, you must ensure good maintenance, by blocking openings and cracks, sealing door frames and window frames to prevent insects from entering the house. Ensure that the kitchen and bathroom fan work well and do not have any malfunctions, making sure that there are no openings or leaks around electrical installations, wires and air conditioner pipes, and there is a very important factor to prevent insects from entering the house, which is the absence of any water leakage.

Clean the place well, and continuously get rid of waste and decomposing materials that help prevent insects, especially flying insects, to ensure good lighting and proper ventilation. That must be taken into account to protect against insect infestation in Abu Dhabi.

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